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From [JAZ] on 04.06.2006, 18:02:

  Psycle Development status - June 2006

I thought I would put some light in the current Development events.

Psycle 1.9 branch seems to be working again. (During march/april it became quite broken). This means that the development continues on it, with the following already achieved things (since last dev status) :

New wave editor, custom gui controls for native/internal plugins and LFO machine all by dw.
New Resampling mode for the sampler for better quality.

The following, is halfway done:

A send-return Mixer machine
An automation machine (allows automating commands)
The new VST-host ( conforming to VST 2.4 now)
Remodelation of the wiredlg. (already improved the visuals. Next step is adding multi-io)

Also the most important thing is, probably, an almost complete reestructuration of the source code. We want to achieve several goals with this:

As you might know, there's a new branch called xpsycle, Psycle on linux. It starts to be functional. With the code reestructuration, we can share much part of the code with minimal changes for compilation.

Possibility of having (again) a playback plugin. (winamp plugin, offline renderer) via the clear separation of the engine and the gui.

Code modernization and cleanup. (This means using the experience we have now in order to do some things in a better way than it was initially done).

And, of course, removing old limitations in order to add new features.

As you should understand, this takes long, and it really should if we want it to be good. Hopefully, this doesn't mean that the next release should take long!

Concretely, as i said in the previous status, a version 1.8.5 is on the go, which will incorporate some of the mentioned changes (They have to be manually merged) and this shouldn't be too far away.
I don't want to talk about a date, since I hoped that in june it would be already out, and it won't.

I expect more movement in the following months

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

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