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From bluedigits on 22.05.2006, 13:53:

Laying down vocal tracks in Psycle v1.82


I'm quite a novice at production, as the producers that I worked with in the past did the laying down of tracks. I only sang over them.
Things is... I am able to add beats with the drum machine, and insert samples, but vocal samples don't play longer then two seconds of their duration in a track. So if I lay down a vocal sample that sings the phrase
"It's only a matter of time..." for instance.

The track will only play "It's..." when I press a key on the keyboard to insert it. And if I hold the key down for too long it will only play "it's" "it's" "its's"...on down the track and never become long enough to play in full.

Can anyone help?
*big hopeful smile*

Thx. I am tremendously grateful.

God Bless

From [JAZ] on 22.05.2006, 20:41:


you shouldn't worry about that, I explain:

When you press a key in psycle, it acts like it was an instrument. It plays while you maintain the key pressed.

This is also done when entering the notes in the pattern, for when a user tries to record it live (i.e. while playing).

In the end, when you play the pattern/song the wave will not stop if you don't put a "off" note before it reaches its end.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

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