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From mojoeatsjobozo on 07.03.2002, 01:43:

Another inane question which deserves an answer

Its me again

Whenver I load up a drumloop as an instrument
set the function to 'forward', the only audio I hear is a single click.
poof no drumloop
I can set the sample to 16 clicks and play it that way, but not all of my samples fit into this format.
Am I missing something here?

thanks for the help on the previous post.
I'm glad there are a few peeps to walk me through this.
it's almost like childbirth...


From Pikari on 07.03.2002, 19:03:


Are you sure that the drumloop sample has loop points selected?

If not you need to open it in a different tracker (like modplug) and set the loop points.

This didn't help, did it?

Pik - the master of short and unclear messages.

From [JAZ] on 08.03.2002, 13:15:


Ah! I've finally understood your post.

a) Yes, it seems like your sample doesn't have loop points. This STILL can't be done in psycle (high priority though...)

b) the "tempo syncronized" ticks is used to play the sample to the speed it needs to be played exactly in that space ( tick = line of pattern), but this doesn't loop.

Hope it is fine now.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

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