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From Rolemusic on 01.07.2006, 00:17:


Wow, Im happy, i didnt expected that , my goal was to create my first rumba that is a style that i love and of course using psycle because of the quality of mixing samples, and also I used the oportunity and submited to the compo.....my favourite was 2AtÜ-MaikäferAhoi for the ideas and melodies, I thought it was going to be upper in the results it got my highest vote

Congrats to the winers and thank to people who voted for the compo and congrated me

Also thanks goes for the people who took his time reviewing songs on the boards, oursvince, Polite Company ,Dragon_Unearthed, mfm and Quantinuity and of course people who cared about the compo, mfm for all and the prices, josep for helping the votes, djmirage for the logo and Quantinity for the page and bohan for taking the time of uploading all tunes to psycle.free.fr, and of course to all contestant because there is really nice songs.

And wellcome to all new people who entered in their first psycle compo, is nice to see how the comunity is growing

A whole moose was being carried by a goose shot dead by rolemusic

From TranceMyriad on 01.07.2006, 01:44:


Congratulations, Role, Druttis and MfM! And also to lakser_u for being 'in the right place at the right time'

P.S. MfM MUST have cheated - he couldn't have just written a very good tune and just happened to come third, NOOO, he must have cheated (jk)

Well done everyone!



From sampler on 03.07.2006, 13:19:


hehehe, i knew u were going to be the winner Role.

...MfM is the KING!! Thank you very much for all!

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From MfM on 03.07.2006, 13:19:


time to write some thanks...
thanks to all the community and all the guys who helped me to organize that competition,a big thanks to all the guys on #psycle channel for support
i really hoped to get more and more votes than the ones that i received,because 20 votes are less than partecipants and so this is a shit!!
i hope to get more votes next time....
another big thanks to our sponsors for their donations,to all the musicians involed,voters outside the compo and all i have

oh and congratulations to ROLEMUSIC !!

have a nice day!!

!!rolemusic,druttis,and lakser_u :please contact me for the prizes!!


From Rolemusic on 03.07.2006, 17:25:


yes of course thanks also to the sponsors, that is also nice from them to make the sponsorship and donating the prizes, so i want Bassline PRO, and as sampler said, MfM is the KING!! Thank you very much for all!

A whole moose was being carried by a goose shot dead by rolemusic

From FunTOM on 07.07.2006, 13:30:


Congratulations to the winners, great work everyone!

Now I regret I didn't make time to vote, let alone participate...

FunTOM 8)
learns english from tv shows and movies

From MfM on 07.07.2006, 20:34:

  prizes list

ROLEMUSIC: audiorealism bassline pro
DRUTTIS: fabfilter twin
MfM:cameleon 5000
LAKSER_U:audiorealism bassline


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