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From RoeeSharf on 08.06.2006, 16:37:

  23 worst track's i have ever herd !!!

WTF ?? You know Psycle has a true potential, Maybe even to become comertial some day... But then your chosing the worst FUC#!@% Track's!!!

CAN I UPLOAD A TRACK NOW PLEASE-- I DIDNT EVEN KNOW ABOUT THIS COMPO #8 -- I Promise you Guys & Girls Its the best track you have ever herd using psycle !!!!! PLEASE ANSWER .

From MfM on 08.06.2006, 18:51:


i don't know what you mean...for uploading a track now!
if you mean on the compo..well the compo is over,just some days left and so you can't!
but you can vote by the way..
oh and i'm really curious to hear some tracks of yours,we have a song section when you can upload what you want,so come on i want to hear the best psycle track ever


From alk on 08.06.2006, 20:44:


haha! wow this will be amazing.. you have made the best track we've ever heard in Psycle!! :- O :- O Please upload it to the file section and teach us how to use Psycle

From TranceMyriad on 09.06.2006, 01:32:


haha nicely said, alk.

Great way to behave on a message board, RoeeSharf - insult all the people who have entered the compo when you only have three posts on the site. Nice. Very mature.

I'm guessing you must be under the age of 20, because if anyone over that age were to behave like this in real life, people would just shake their heads

EDIT: Oh, and it's the best track I will have ever 'herd' is it? That's pretty amazing! You must be like the Pied Piper - using music to herd animals!



From MfM on 11.06.2006, 16:32:


this week i got just 3 votes!what does this means?
where are you guys? putting a track here doesn't mean that all is done, people should vote.. i know everybody has a lot of things to do in life but i can't believe that in more than 1 month people aren't able to find some little little moment to hear and vote for that compo...
the situation right now is the following:
i got ONLY 17 votes, less than the number of participants, and now what can i do? i have to wait more days or a week maybe... hmmm i can but just if that will help the compo to increase the number of votes!

I'm waiting for some opinions!!


From oursvince on 11.06.2006, 19:55:


Hello all, according to me, I think you should stop the votes now, I don't think one more week will bring more votes; but maybe could you change the rules for the next comp and oblige people to vote to see their songs validated


From Scuba on 12.06.2006, 09:47:


I agree with Oursvince. People have had more than a month to vote now, I doubt another week will make much of a difference. I think the results should now be released.

But this apathy to vote is a bit of a disappointment and I think that entrants that don't vote should be automatically disqualified in future competitions. Even if that is fascist ;-)


In this game where nothing is sure, why would you play by the rules? - Dave Matthews

From TranceMyriad on 12.06.2006, 13:19:


Yeah, I reckon we have to cut our losses and just take the number of votes as they are.

And like I said, next compo, participants who don't vote should somehow be penalised.



From oursvince on 12.06.2006, 14:01:

Yeah! Results results


From Dragon_Unearthed on 13.06.2006, 00:05:


I agree with all above...close the voting, and lets move on. Kinda sucks, but this is one of those things we can learn from and make the next compo better. I think the longer we wait, the more frustrated we will become. Lets not be discouraged for lack of votes...

From TranceMyriad on 13.06.2006, 06:04:


Actually, I think those who entered the compo and didn't vote should be named and shamed

Of course, we didn't say that in the rules....I reckon next time round, those who enter and don't vote have their vote count reduced by 50% and get named at the end of the compo



From MfM on 14.06.2006, 21:43:


ok i agree with everybody!
compo votes are closed,i'm counting the votes but i have a lot of things to do in my life right now unfortunately,so sorry for the delay..
i'm trying to find a free evening to make a real time results on #psycle channel as i did for compo7,it was really nice

!!stay tuned!!


From Polite Company on 17.06.2006, 01:59:


I for my part would like to apologize for not submitting my votes, I had them written up and everything. I've had terrible allergies recently and my head's so stuffed up that I didn't even realize I had missed the deadline until probably today.

From Taika-Kim on 19.06.2006, 20:23:


I didn't vote either, and gotta say, it was partly to the system we have created... This kind of division of points is very fair and I like it very much, but the problem is that it takes a lot of time.

My life has been pretty busy this summer, and I just didn't feel like sitting down and making all the work for the votes :/

So maybe next time we have to make the voting a little more accessible somehow to lower the threshold of sending them in.

From sampler on 21.06.2006, 17:51:



I couldn't vote.

I still don't have internet at home (...now i know why wanadoo is taking too much time. i said incorrect info ) and lately i don't touch much my PC. SHIT!

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From oursvince on 25.06.2006, 16:39:


So? results?


From MfM on 29.06.2006, 16:15:


i'm really sorry for the very long delay but i got some personal problems lately,and i haven't touched my computer so much.
but today i've calculated all and i have the final results!!

friday june the 30th at 19:00 CET results in real time on #psycle

click HERE to join..come on!!


From MfM on 30.06.2006, 19:52:


ok finally the final results :



2 )DRUTTIS -86
3 )MfM -82,5
4 )RHINO -82
5 )DW -78
6 )ALK -66
7 )Vos & ALK -56
9 )VOSKOMO -43.5
10 )12AtÜ -38.5
11 )SAMPLER -37
12 )KARLKOX -25
13 )POLITE C. -22.5
14 )SERGOS -21
15 )LAKSER_U -16
16 )AMPUL 15.5
17 )OUTSIDER -15
18 )SCUBA -14.5
19 )DRAGON -9.5
20 )oursvince bells bells -8.5
22 )oursvince metaloid -6.5
23 )oursvince forest -5.5

thanks to the 20 voters...but next time i want more!!

the random award goes to: LAKSER_U

that's all guys..have a nice summer time



From Dragon_Unearthed on 30.06.2006, 22:28:


Congratulations ROLEMUSIC!!

Way to go DRUTTIS & MfM!

Great job everyone, this compo was a lot of fun!

From Angelus on 30.06.2006, 22:47:


Rolemusic, you're the king... the gipsy king

God save the 4 winners! It was a really nice compo, I enjoyed it so much.

And special thanx to MfM because the organization and the prizes.


(???)Oo. X( :( :| :) :)) :D .cC(Psycle!)

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