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From MfM on 26.02.2006, 14:36:


HELLO GUYS COMPO#8 is launched...

Chapter number 8 for this tracker music competition has something very special for our entries : PRIZES
For the first time a psycle compo has prizes!
4 prizes are planned: the first 3 positions will get a prize and plus a prize for the special random award.

Special thanks go to our sponsors for donating their own cool plugins...

the page with all the rules...

..good psycling!!



From spaceturner on 27.02.2006, 18:42:


I have added my song swim as a mermaid to this compo

From MfM on 27.02.2006, 21:49:


that's good first day..first submission!
come on guys ....

spaceturner:please add a mp3 link on the song description page,thanks.


From Taika-Kim on 02.03.2006, 22:27:


Ouch, I'm so busy... And I still have tracking overload from finishing Goddess Guerrilla

But I definitely will do something!

From outsider on 07.03.2006, 06:53:

  downloading songs...

i don't know if anyone else has this problem but i can't download spaceturner, nor Dragon_Unearthed songs... on the first case the page seems to be unable to accomplish the request, and on the last, there's some problem with the host policy about external links, i think... you probably would like to check it Dragon_Unearthed

almost everything else it's fine

From MfM on 07.03.2006, 10:49:


OUTSIDER:all the compo songs works good for me,try with right mouse click and save as....


From outsider on 07.03.2006, 19:01:

  now it works

thanks for the suggestion MfM... though it wasn't that, but the problem was just with Opera... i tried with Internet Explorer and now i have the songs...

From MfM on 16.03.2006, 11:11:


..after more than 2 weeks : 3 ENTRIES!
come on guys i'm at work... and you ?


From Taika-Kim on 20.03.2006, 09:59:


I'm been very busy... I was just one week in Ukraine, playing my music, and also I have a lot of other things in life going on... But I'll definitely take part, probably it's just going to be quite at the last minute :/

Oh btw pixx: http://kim.apinavuori.net/ukraina06

From minifrog on 24.03.2006, 20:02:


Original by Taika-Kim
Oh btw pixx: http://kim.apinavuori.net/ukraina06

Didn't work! Really would like to see! :-)

From Taika-Kim on 25.03.2006, 00:26:



that's the right one, oops.

Hmm, I have an idea already for my tune. It will be something different & more experimental from my usual sound this time I hope

From minifrog on 25.03.2006, 03:12:


Those pictures are so awesome! More batteries next time!

From MfM on 25.03.2006, 11:41:


nice pics taika but too snow for my taste
i'm happy that you are experimenting something different...i'm curious to hear it ..


From MfM on 28.03.2006, 17:06:


hey guys Ichiro Toda has released beta version 1.0.7 of Synth1!
...hmm another entry... DRUTTIS


From MfM on 08.04.2006, 10:40:


2 weeks added


* Submission period from the 27th of february to the 23th of April 2006
* Vote period from the 24th of april to the 28th of may 2006

please let me know if is it good enough....i hope it is !!


From oursvince on 08.04.2006, 23:51:

well I think it will, thanks for your contest!


From TranceMyriad on 09.04.2006, 09:46:


Good stuff, MfM - I should be able to rustle up something in the last week, since I get one week of holidays from uni then



From Scuba on 09.04.2006, 19:50:


aish mfm. this is fantastic news. thought i had missed the competition. just got back from snowboarding in colorado. will be sure to compose something for the compo. cheers!


In this game where nothing is sure, why would you play by the rules? - Dave Matthews

From sampler on 20.04.2006, 13:33:


Ouchhhh! i should finish it this afternoon/evening and upload it tomorrow from office.
I wish i had more time for it but anyways i have it almost ready.
I can improve it after compo

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From Taika-Kim on 20.04.2006, 16:36:


Daaaamn. For some reason BOTH songs I started for the compo crash like shit, and I'm starting to get pretty frustrated like this.

It's not very nice having to reboot the machine every 20 minutes or so :/

Otherwise I have no similar problems, so the problem must be in some way Psycle related.

Well, I downloaded Microsoft's desktop server stress testing kit, I'll have to see if it can reproduce the same kind of problems... I'm suspecting maybe processor overload & overheating.

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