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From [JAZ] on 04.02.2006, 14:41:

  Psycle development, February 2006

I thought i should post some news about the development status, and short term goals of the team.

Since the official Psycle 1.8 release, there have been several changes.

Firstly, some small (or not so small) bugs where found in the program aswell as in the plugins themselves. Since we had a song composition and one song had problems because of these bugs, a 1.8.1 "bugfix" version was released, and downloadable from the link :

(Winrar and Winzip should be able to open this file).

Simultaneously, new plugins were being created, and most of them are included in the file. Others can be found following this link : http://psycle.pastnotecut.org/thread.php...did=2&styleid=1

After that, I have been working on Sampulse, in both, its playback code, and its User interface. Some screenshots can be seen here :


As Importing formats, it supports .MOD .XM .S3M and .IT so far.

The work is still unfinished, and a volume column in the pattern is required to use it at its full potential. (the only reason of many files not sounding correctly right now)
Also, it can't load and save samples/instruments yet, so it isn't usable standalone yet.

Another news is that bohan has created a MSVC 2005 solution and been able to compile psycle with it. It does NOT work with the Express edition (the free one), because this one doesn't include the MFC libraries, required by Psycle.

TranceMyriad/Quantinuity has contributed code to psycle aswell, adding a better "new machine" dialog, which adds the ability to create custom favorites to sort the list of plugins.

Take a look at this thread for more details and a screenshot :

The route from now on has two paths:
The promised new VSThost is being added to Psycle, to put out a 1.8.2 release, with all these new features. (around march or april hopefully).

In paralel, bohan and I (and whoever wants to join in), will start the creation of the Psycle library (once codenamed PsyCore), which will allow progressively from having a winamp plugin once again, to have a Psycle under linux.

Note that the goals of this library exceed what Psycle can do right now, so it will take some time.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

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