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From PaRaDoX on 31.01.2006, 13:46:

  Some different psytunes

Have been using Psycle for quite some times but never really bothered about the community.
Checked out the "songs" section and noticed that almost all
tunes are exprimental or of experimental genres.

uploaded 3 tracks to the mp3/ogg section that are made in psycle and probably is a bit different than you've heard from psycle before...
classic trackertunes in a psycle package...

~ThE EnD iS ThE BeGiNnInG~

From MfM on 31.01.2006, 22:20:


hello paradox!
why different?
are not so different than some old psy songs i remember...
your tracks are quite nice and reminds me to amiga ages especially "the house of horror" reminds me to pinball dream ,i noticed from your first track that you know digibooster and i was really happy because i used it for many years and i still love it ...it's the greatest program on amiga.
if you like old stuff i'm sure you can join us on IRC:#psycle on efnet..you can find there a lot of classical old music fun and me of course

PS:your name reminds me to amiga age too,paradox is the name of a legendary crackers group


From sampler on 01.02.2006, 11:51:


heh, yes i know the name Paradox.

Welcome to this nice community PaRaDoX!

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From Kriko on 01.02.2006, 20:39:


Paradox, hmm... reminds me of a rather raunchy intro (on a cracked copy of Super Off Road) with an angel and a devil doing... something?

Oh well, I'll have to listen to this... maybe it uses ST-00 samples?

Since 1985: http://www.kerock.fi

From Taika-Kim on 02.02.2006, 00:59:


Hey, we should have compo with ST-samples! And all natives of course... And only 4 channels

From MfM on 02.02.2006, 17:46:


Original by Taika-Kim
Hey, we should have compo with ST-samples! And all natives of course... And only 4 channels

LOL...MfM is opening his protracker on amiga1200..


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