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From MfM on 30.12.2005, 13:33:


new VSTi synth made by a friend of mine called VOICES:

-Simple linear interface

-5 oscillator types: Normal, Normal even harmonics, Formant, Group, Percussion

-8 oscillators: voiced/unvoiced

-Envelopes and LFO for: formant amplitude, formant width

-"Growl" function for mono presets



I made a demo song with psycle for it:


try this synth and let me know .....


on download page you can find the dll and the support files.

part of that code could be a native synth in the future,that drum machine i asked for many years ...that man is working hard with coding ...and i'm trying to help him to realize some good presets an songs,this means that if this one will sound fine with drums ,we can use it as a native and that is a great thing imho


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