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From sorathsgc on 10.12.2005, 05:06:

  Looking for electric guitar Freeware VST plugins

Hey anyone here has any links or any FREE Electric Guitar emulators please. I need to get them. Want to make some cool metal music but I can never get a good electric guitar sound



Download all my songs and other stuff from this site. Although hardcore christians be warned that this site isn't attended for those that are weak of demons.

From Mattias on 12.12.2005, 14:38:


Ok... Free Eletric Guitars? I triend to search them all the web but i found... NOTHING.

A good way to make a good guitar is this..

Add a New Machine (Sublime)
Select the Preset Elertic Guitar 1 or 2 and then apply effects like OCT BUZZ or VOXENGO TUBE AMP (there will be nice also CLASSIC FLANGER and AUDACITY WAH-WAH)...

It will not be a good emulation but it will be a new guitar sound... (I tried it and it's really cool...)

I hope i will be useful

Site: http://gravity0.site90.com

ACIDPlanet: http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?songs=753767&T=7713

From Kriko on 12.12.2005, 15:01:


I'm with Mattias on this one... OctBuz (or Buz) is great for distorting almost anything into a "wall of sound"-type thing. Try it with mda ePiano for example, and add chorus, delay & some random pitch-shifting. Instant "My Bloody Valentine"!

But if you want stuff that sounds like real heavy metal powerchords... well, you're in trouble (at least without money, but there's always free samples on the net)! But at least you can make "guitar" music that sounds like nothing else on this planet! Be creative...

Since 1985: http://www.kerock.fi

From Mattias on 13.12.2005, 17:19:


The other way is Slayer2.5 demo wich is drops down volume every minute (not good) but if oyu don't open the plug-in interface it will have a continued sound... I tried this on EnergyXT and I changed presets without opening the window. By the way.. In Psycle it isn't possible... If you want Chunk Metallica giutarit's good...

Site: http://gravity0.site90.com

ACIDPlanet: http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?songs=753767&T=7713

From Taika-Kim on 15.12.2005, 17:07:


Try Guitarsuite (or what was that Finnish free amp emulator??) or that free Greenmachine amp sim...

Then feed them with some powerchords. Might work, or then not.

From Mattias on 15.12.2005, 17:12:


Can you link the site?

Site: http://gravity0.site90.com

ACIDPlanet: http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?songs=753767&T=7713

From FingerSoup on 15.12.2005, 20:26:



You will have to go searching a bit (in the technology link) for it... Works pretty good with clean guitar samples.... JCM900 is an awesome plugin that simulates a marshall stack... Very nice sounding plugins.

However, these are just amps/stompboxes... you will still need a guitar sound that is somewhat realistic. if you play guitar, I'd record your own clean samples by plugging your guitar directly into your sound card... Use Audacity for this. trim out any extra space at the beginning. Feel free to steal any samples/settings of mine from my songs (Subversion has a decent guitar sound)...

I thought you beat the inevitability of death to death, just a little bit...

From Mattias on 16.12.2005, 14:29:


There is a sample of guitar in the FLStudio smples dumped from verion 3.5.6... (download section in www.flstudio.com)

Site: http://gravity0.site90.com

ACIDPlanet: http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?songs=753767&T=7713

From Taika-Kim on 17.12.2005, 01:15:


There are some really good guitar Soundfonts around... Maybe you could try those? I don't make guitar sounds so I can't give any direct instructions :/

From Polite Company on 22.01.2006, 00:46:


I would agree that is you really want something that sounds like a guitar and is free it would have to be a soundfont.

I would just suggest forgeting about trying to make something that sounds just like a guitar and just try making something that sits in the same place in the mix and has a similar timbre. If you are going for a metal sound you are probably going to want a pretty punchy and distorted sound anyway not a straight guitar sound.

From matthewjumpsoffbuildings on 08.09.2006, 04:55:


Get the ultimate guitar soundfont (a soundfont of an electric guitar totally clean), then get FreeAmp 2.


beatiful GUI by grymjack, tons of amp/cab/stomps, and an inbuilt synth...really awesome.

it is amazing what you can do with some doubling, run the soundfont into 2 seperate instances of freeamp each panned hard left or right, with different amp settings, then route both into eq/compressor....

freeamp is a bit CPU intensive tho....but it sounds great

From Mattias on 08.09.2006, 14:22:


thanks for me! where i can found this sf2?


What a long nick!


Site: http://gravity0.site90.com

ACIDPlanet: http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?songs=753767&T=7713

From matthewjumpsoffbuildings on 10.09.2006, 15:57:


Original by Mattias
thanks for me! where i can found this sf2?

ok i asked the same question on KVR and this is the answer

Ok! The Ultimate Guitar Kit by Gregjazz Is now in the sound font part of the download section here http://audioshots.com no need to register with the site to download anything - please be sure not to direct link to the files.

Best regards,


sign up and dl it.

btw - i find there is some odd top-end content in some of the samples, its worth bandpassing the soundfont before applying freeamp.....i usually bandpass it between 50Hz-7Khz and the amp it up....

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