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From hane on 26.11.2005, 20:44:

  MIDI note on/off

I am new to MIDI, but I'm trying to understand more. I don't have a MIDI keyboard and only can use the internal tracker interface with the MCM cmds.

Alas, I have some confusion. The inet docs I can locate tell me 128+channel is note off and 144+channel is note on. But I must be doing something wrong.

When using the internal tracker do I need to load the virtual Midi program in the backgrnd when I want to pass note on/off cmds to a VSTI (in this case etEquet)?

I have read the MCM information but can someone share some insight so I can turn a note on or off?

Pls smile on this lost psycle soul in cyber space...thanks
Clue-less in Cameron, Hane

From TranceMyriad on 27.11.2005, 10:40:


my question is why are you using MIDI commands for note on/off?

Why don't you just use the note, and then the "off" command?



C-5 00 01 ....
--- .. .. ....
off 00 01 ....

you are aware you can use your PC keyboard to enter notes, aren't you?

oh, and welcome to Psycledelics



From hane on 27.11.2005, 14:39:


Hi Trance,

Guess what...mmm, yes, I did discover the 'off' cmd from another person's question and reply burried a few pages later in the forum. This not the first time, the other question was phrased differently.

Yes, it works wonders. Amazingly, I was able to produce some tracks without the 'off' cmd even. Since the album is finished, mmm, my next one will use this "new" and improved 'off" feature.

While I have never used a tracker program before, nor synths even, I think psycle is absolutely fantastic! Thanks for the welcome too, Trance.

Words Drawn on Water is the name of my album I sent as a gift to the Japanese Embassy, a thank you to them. I hope the developers of psycle don't mind that I give a plug (credits) in the album's documentation that I include.

Next album is Descendents of the Dragon. Now that I have the "off" button I can be even more expressive.

Thanks for your reply. Hane

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