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From tomaes on 25.11.2005, 16:42:

  music for underwater people ep

A while back (around 2003, I think), I played around with psycle a lot and actually made a whole ep exclusively with this software. This said quasi-concept ep is now available for free download at tomaes.32x.de. If anybody really cares, I can dig up some psycle source files too.

http://tomaes.32x.de [new media experiments]

From alk on 26.11.2005, 18:16:


awesome! :-)

nice one tomaes

From tomaes on 27.11.2005, 09:23:


Thanks alk.

http://tomaes.32x.de [new media experiments]

From someone else on 28.11.2005, 00:01:


relaxing little submarine journey... thanks for sharing it

From outsider on 28.11.2005, 02:12:

i like this concept ep a lot..
shiny colours, mellow synths, solid and well crafted pallette, everything flows gently since its very start...
kelp forrest & streamline are so cool, also sea monster is; but then the other tracks are so cool as well, i pretty much enjoy listening the whole

thanks for sharing it

From Kriko on 28.11.2005, 15:35:


I consent with what the others have said so far - this sounds really nice. Gets me thinking about "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou"...

Since 1985: http://www.kerock.fi

From tomaes on 30.11.2005, 17:58:


Thanks for the feedback everyone. I think I will put it on archive.org eventually (they have a big open source music section f.e.), complete with cover and bonus track.

http://tomaes.32x.de [new media experiments]

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