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From Nuky on 25.10.2005, 17:35:

  Automation Problem

Hi there!
I'm interested in creating music, and have therefor been doing so for some years. (still not way too good, but )
anyways, I found psycle randomly after arsing around at sf.net, and liked what I saw. At this moment there's only one problem I'm having (except sequencer part isn't done of course, but who cares about that? ) :
I'm using a VST, where the parameter numbers go up to 24A (yes, it's a huge synth :/), and the knob I'm trying to access is at 153... Only problem is that all I can do is to write 53 in the parameter row, so I'm changing waveform instead of volume. If any know a way to fix this (without using an effect plugin, preferably)...

Thanks for any help! It's appreciated
- Nuky

From Nuky on 15.11.2005, 13:06:


aw, come on, is there no way to solve this? I've seen the docs, and googled a little bit... no results (of course).

I posted this in the wrong forum (tips), didn't I?
oh, well...

sorry for the noobi-ness... I guess there is no way to solve this.... right?

From sampler on 15.11.2005, 20:00:


Hi and welcome.

Which is the synth? ...parameter numbers go up to 25A?

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From [JAZ] on 15.11.2005, 20:31:


Sorry, I didn't see this post.

Right now there is no way to do this via a "twk" command, because the column only has space for two digits.

The workaround depends on the plugin. If it allows you to send a Control Change (MIDI CC) to control that knob, you can use the mcm command for it.
There is an explanation in the help file of how to use the mcm command:


For VSTs

mcm 90 01 3C7F
2 3 4
2. MIDI status number.
3. Machine number.
4. MIDI Data, taking the form AABB.

It shouldn't be difficult to add the extra space when adding multisequence.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From Nuky on 17.11.2005, 08:40:


thanks alot! I'll try this as soon as I come home from school (or there's no teachers around )

sampler; z3ta+... or was it sytrus?... or albino? I'll remember as soon as I start up the project again

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