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From Dragyn on 25.09.2005, 08:30:

  Looking for quality guitar samples...not riffs

Has anyone found decent quality clean electric guitar samples? Most of what I can find are badly distorted guitars or guitar riffs. I don't like riffs/loops, since that really locks you into using their sound instead of your own.

I would make my own, but I sold my last electric a few years ago, and I can't really justify buying another just to make a few samples.

Of course, I'm looking for free/royalty free sources.

Ideally, I'd love to find clean samples of a Fender Stratocaster, including samples for all 5 pickup tones.

Anyone stumble across some?


From outsider on 25.09.2005, 09:02:


there are a few here

From TranceMyriad on 25.09.2005, 10:06:


why don't you just borrow one of your mates' guitars, and record it? Then you can get it sounding just how you want.



From Dragyn on 27.09.2005, 23:59:


outsider - thanks! I think they have exactly the sound I was looking for!

TranceMyriad - I'd considered it, but over the years I've drifted away from locals with guitars (part of the reason I sold mine a couple years ago). Great advice, if I weren't so anti-social....

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