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From dr_caligari on 21.09.2005, 14:09:

  looking for collaborators


I'm of the 80's goth/punk genre and I'm looking for anyone to make music collectively with. Finding a female vocalist would be great, but anyone into the likes of Joy division, bauhaus etc would be great to hear from. I have a shed load of tunes and ideas and I want to do something with them.

I like to get a "real" band sound from Psycle...think I'm fairly close, but could really do with some extra input.

I've put a link below to one of my tunes


Looking forward to talking to like minded dudes.

All the best Rob

From sampler on 23.09.2005, 09:51:


It's nice to hear non electronic/techno songs made with Psycle.

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From dr_caligari on 24.09.2005, 20:41:


Thankyou sampler, I appreciate your comments...I guess I create psycle songs with a live band feel. I have heard some fantastic songs from trackers, but so many sound like they were written for a 16 bit amiga game. Great compositions, but with awful sounding synthesised lead parts....

Anyways thankx again Rob

From alk on 24.09.2005, 22:02:


lol don't listen to my tracks

From dr_caligari on 25.09.2005, 10:41:


Hi Alk,

You got me curious, just went to download some of your tunes...but the links were down. I am intertested though.

I do appreciate a wide range of music (except country and western...that really sucks) and don't have anything against the electronic trackers...I guess it just seems a bit unusual to me that many people who used tracking software in the Amiga days are making stuff that sounds the same now, even though technology has got better and we have some fantastic VST plugins available.

Do you see where I*'m coming from.

Peace Rob

From alk on 25.09.2005, 13:59:


hi Rob,

It's simply a matter of taste. Personally I like the 8 and 16 bit sounds (I could say the same thing of why someone is making these old 80s goth sounds ;-) )

I'll soon be adding my song to compo 7 so you can hear then. Are you entering?

cheers, Jim

From dr_caligari on 02.10.2005, 01:55:


I Want to enter, just getting used to the native plugins....

here is where I'm at at the mo:


From TranceMyriad on 02.10.2005, 02:32:


one suggestion - do some EQing!!

another: add more thump to your drum beat, or better still, just find a good sample.

doesn't sound too bad, i'm interested to see where this goes



From dr_caligari on 07.10.2005, 12:27:

eqing etc

thanks for your comments...I think I'll use sampled drumbeat loops and do some eqing. I liked your tunes by the way TranceMyriad

All the best Rob

More of my work can be found at:



From MfM on 07.10.2005, 21:47:

  sharing your work

DR.Caligari do u know THAT


From FingerSoup on 08.10.2005, 22:59:


Original by dr_caligari
I like to get a "real" band sound from Psycle...think I'm fairly close, but could really do with some extra input.

It's all about getting the right samples and machines... Good percussion samples make ALL the difference. the wrong percussion will give you that digital sound that you dread so much...

Check out my tune "Subversion" - It's got kind of a Soundgarden/Audioslave feel with a touch of surf...


It aims for that "real band" feel as well. Very difficult to get. My best results are using clean guitar samples, and Effects machines to shape my sound. I use 1 sample per guitar string (all sampled at 9th fret) and plug in my notes in a manner similar to guitar tablature (C = fret 0, V=Fret 1, G=Fret 2, etc)...

Arpegiating chords is another way to get a live sound. You need to bump the TPB up to about 32, and adjust your song to match, then offset each note a little. Very effective, but also time consuming..... this works well for accoustic samples.

I thought you beat the inevitability of death to death, just a little bit...

From Taika-Kim on 09.10.2005, 22:59:


This is one of Psycle's major shortcomings imo: it's very hard to do lively grooves and small adjustments to notes... Aodix handles this great for example.

From FingerSoup on 11.10.2005, 04:09:


That's trackers in general. LPB tends to mess with that a bit more than other trackers... it means your Ticks per note is constant, but it prevents you from adjusting your offset scale by increasing your Ticks Per Note... possibly an interesting feature to add/modify... scalable ticks per note along with Lines per Beat would be a powerful combination, allowing a near-infinite amount of accuracy... Note delay for 3 ticks in a 16 tick note, in a song that plays at a tempo of 126 BPM, at an increment of 6 Lines per Beat.... this would make accuracy much better, and allow for easier arpeggios of notes, as it becomes a command, not a tangled mess of note placement..

I thought you beat the inevitability of death to death, just a little bit...

From dr_caligari on 11.10.2005, 12:39:


Very nice fingersoup...very realistic sounding guitar. Was the bass sampled too? and how about the drums...were they samples sequenced in psycle or did you use a third party app to create loops?

Nice one mate, Thanks also to MFM for the link and also to Taika-Kim for suggesting Aodix. had a look at it and it seems cool, but I have to say I prefer Psycle.

Thanks for helping me Rob

From FingerSoup on 11.10.2005, 21:18:


The Psy is up on the board here if wou want to check it out. It uses VST, so I thought I'd point you to the OGG. http://psycle.pastnotecut.org/songbase.p...cid=1&styleid=1

There's the .PSY. It uses the SimulAnalog Guitar suite extensively, along with a few MDA plugins...

The Bass is Steinberg's VB-1 Bass VST, which some people complain of clicking. The distorted guitars cover it up though...

The drums are from the now defunct Kalava Drum archive. they are individually placed, not loops, as Their individual samples were royalty free, but their drum loops were not allowed to be used in for-profit, personal gain, etc... Which, when I asked the creator, stated that competitions were for personal gain, regardless of what the prize might or might not be...

Of other interesting note, this song only uses 2 guitar samples as opposed to the 6 string method I mentioned before... A technical oddity for the way I normally do guitar. I think I was trying to keep file size down.... One is from a 1965 guild Starfire III, the other is from a Mexican Strat I borrowed off a friend... VST goes a long way to cover up individual samples...

If you're resolved to using Native machines only, then I suggest looking at Perceptual Distortions (I'm not trying to whore my music... just give examples, honest) It's the closest I've been able to get to real without using samples... It has a bit of that cheesy synth sound to it... It takes a lot of synth work to get something that resembles a guitar. Plucked string isn't too bad for a Bass if you put it through a lowpass 2p-filter, but you end up getting a few dead notes... you may even want to split off a second chain of 2p-filter machines in order to get a buzz, or more pluck. Remember, you'll probably have to use a gainer to get that low frequency loud enough to hear...

I thought you beat the inevitability of death to death, just a little bit...

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