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From Angelus on 22.11.2005, 21:37:


Thank you so much !

I was very surprissed with the results because the great quality of the tracks . Anyway, thanks for the people that have voted me... and those who haven't voted me for listen it. I know that maybe this is not a very pop-style.

I want to give my congratulations to MfM and Taika because their 2nd and 3rd places. Good job, mates!

As I've already said to MfM, this is the best day of my tracker-life .


(???)Oo. X( :( :| :) :)) :D .cC(Psycle!)

From someone else on 23.11.2005, 00:00:


Congratulations Angelus!

... and everybody else as well for being part of this cool compo - and thanks to MfM for organising it.

Looking forward to the next one


From TranceMyriad on 23.11.2005, 04:30:


well done everyone, especially Angelus

Like I've said, some very impressive entries this time. Maybe next time I will enter...but you know me - I like my VSTs too much



From sampler on 23.11.2005, 15:47:


That was funny yesterday at #psycle.
Exactly Angelus and MfM were my bet, i said it.

I love Angelus music and MfM has really good songs, different styles .

Congrats to you Angelus, MfM and all!

I want to thank some things, to all participants, to all voters, to all comments on this thread, to MfM for supporting the votes and help a lot with this compo and to ALL PSYCLERS

Let's see what happens with next compo.

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From dazzled on 24.11.2005, 16:16:


Yeah, was fun! All entries had something to recommend them, the points don't really reflect that, but I'm not saying anything (paypal bribery? noooo...)

Bring on the next compo!

From MfM on 24.11.2005, 22:04:


well I have finally the time for write something about this great compo...

thanx to :

all participants
all the voters (31)
all the guys in #psycle
all the reviewers
all the people in this site for supporting

..and congratulations to the winner : ANGELUS

oh ...and another thanks from me for my second place I'm really happy

..people this community rocks ...

so...I'm thinking of another compo but something special this time ...i hope to post some ideas as soon as possible,I'm moving around on the net because i have a lot of ideas...



From Taika-Kim on 24.11.2005, 22:56:


Oops, I've been super busy and completely missed the deadline
I just didn't have time to do a proper review of also the PSY-files, which I consider important in a tracking competition!

Well, I don't think my votes would have changed the results a lot.

My favourites: (the songs themselves, not the technical execution or tracking skills!)
ALK, Angelus, Dazld, Lastfuture, MfM, Someone Else, myself

And about my tune: Yes, it is very muddy, I think it's partly that biiiig bass (and the kick is WEAK? I think it's toooo big in contrary) with so many layers.
But also it's true, I don't know why, that it's easier to get clear, airy and sharp sounds with good VST synths and especially EQs and reverbs...
I don't know if some of them have some internal EQing or what, but something like Iblit or Synth 1 just sounds better than any internal Psycle synth :/

But I don't think this is a problem since there's so many free VSTs out there that are 100% stable in Psycle. And something like FM Lab is just way too complex to use with the kind of UI Psycle has for generators...

From 6sides on 29.11.2005, 05:25:


Av it! LoL!

Chucked that tune together in a few hours, then tweaked it now and then. Getting to grips with Psycle, next one will be crafted

How about a quarterly compo?

From Scuba on 29.11.2005, 11:03:


Every competition needs a winner and loser. I think I need to get the hang of using some of those effects. Then you guys better watch out... I'll second the quarterly competition thing, if MfM is up to it


In this game where nothing is sure, why would you play by the rules? - Dave Matthews

From MfM on 29.11.2005, 18:02:


well quarterly idea is nice ...but this depending by the duration of every compo,I can say that usually the duration period is about more than 2 months, so...we can have "theoretically" 4 compos every year but practically is very hard to realize... anyway i'll try to organize a compo every 3 months if people agree......
...oh I'm thinking of another compo as I've already said ...stay tuned


From DMNXS on 11.12.2005, 02:33:


A late congratulation to Angelus and to all the participants!!! The decision was pretty hard for me in several cases ...

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