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From Taika-Kim on 26.10.2005, 18:22:


Some first impressions from the audio versions so no compositional notices yet...

6sides - What on MARS

Hmm. Not really my style. Quite harsh sounds... Very repetitive too.
Alk - Insert Disk 2

Ooh! That SID snare is cool That detuned sound is cool. That Uridium-style lead is

beautiful and the arpeggios surprise nicely now and then. This was good and to-the-point!
Angelus - Crossing Heaven's Door

Lovely very tender intro... Very very beautiful. Nice change after 2:20. Maybe at bit

cheesy around 3-4 minutes, but the ending is beautiful again.
HienTau - Cold Rain

Nice use of native machines. Not really my style again.
Dazld - Dints and taps

Wow! I really love these clicks and small sounds at the beginning. The snappy sharp drums are nice too. Is that Sublime playing those formant-like parts? OVerall very pleasing

JosepMa - Looping in Magicworld

VERY cool bassline! Nice fat sound. STK Shakers is popular in this compo That transposing is nice. Very nice melodies before 1:50. Very nice song, altough I would have liked some more sharp & diverse percussions.
Lastfuture - Picknick
Nice intro, reminds me from the musics in Star Control 2. Space music! also nice use of subtle silent sounds.
I've started to be a dynamics fan after listening to psytrance so
much, these days people often just try to max evrything out. The sound is very soft and pleasing in this song. That legato bassline is very, very nice. Around 3:00 I start to hope for some change and there's a breakdown in just the right place!
The different melodies playing together in the end make for a nice ending... I don't know, the first snow just fell today and somehow this fits the mood perfectly. My favourite so far
Liquid Boy - Dynamo

Hmm I was never a big fan of this type of chords they often use in house & dnb music altoguh these are well executed... That wailing lead after 1:30 is nice. The beat could do with some variation soon. I think that's the essence of any breakbeat-based music...
This is well done, but I just think this kind of music is a bit boring :/ I need the beats to have a lot of tricks and variation in breakbeat music, with a straight beat the variation is somehow not as important.
Magnus Jonsson - Lulu Likes

Hmm, kind of Nintendo sound And Shakers come up again... A bit detached, don't add to the song really. This would be a very nice song played with a real acoustic guitar but the Psycle's guitar model just doesn't sound very interesting :/
Rolemusic - I'm in a Place I don't Belong to

Mm chiptune I have always a special place in my heart for these The drums could be much louder... Some of the lead sounds are a bit too sharp, especially compared to the drums. Wow, the vocals are nice! Very cute. How are these done? Gotta check when I listen to the PSYs. Hmm, this had some nice ideas but the mixing could be better...
Sampler - Glide is funny (natives)

Ouch, this was very loud after the previous one Very retro sound, reminds me of old Prodigy somewhat. Hmm, a straight beat on top of this breakbeat would be very groovy. Mm mm mm acid at 2:20 o'clock, well, I'm a sucker for that so great Somehow very loud and compressed sound, but then again, it fits the heavy breakbeats.
This song has nice ideas but somehow and bit unfinished feel, like a collection of patterns.
Scuba - South African Hybrid Chillout

Again I like these clicky noiselike drums... Very simple song otherwise. Nice guitar after 1:40, altough the song would benefit from a bit more lush background. Or maybe the guitar would work with some lo-fi effects?
MFM - Sunrise Battle

Couldn't load either the PSY or MP3?
Someone Else - There and Then

Wow, very nice intro. Woosh woosh woosh, and that mouth-like sound is nice. The percussion work is nice. Almost reminds me of some Le Tigre and some other trendy lo-fi electro-punk bands Mm and there's some acid too. The tune has a nice amount of distortion and noise.
I like Someome Else's songs always, they sound like nothing else I know. And they're getting better technical, this one is nice already. Hmm I've heard some Japanese abstract minimal stuff that sounds like this quite much in a way...
Wow, even if there's repetition in this song, it sounds like it's evolving all the time forward. This is really a surpriser this time.
Very carefree and light sounding. Very original sound, keep on doing the music and taking it forward!
Taika-Kim Zarjaz Beats!

Hmm I accidentally made a didgeridoo-like sound when playing around with Blitz, started developing it and ened up using only it.
Those bongos are a bit rigid I made this song very very fast, which is quite unusual to me. I tried to do a kind of lo-fi gritty disco sound. Otherwise I'm very happy, but this could use a bit more variation maybe. Also that breakbeat part in the end is totally in wrong place.

Well, for once I was among the first to finish Hmm. Somehow the mixing is a bit "muddy" I wonder what's up? Gotta take a look at that some day...

My favourites at this point:
Lastfuture, Dazld, Alk & Someone Else!

From MfM on 26.10.2005, 19:04:


this is very strange taika,try to go on wiki page and right click on the name....for me they works good!!
oh and...let me know ...


From FingerSoup on 26.10.2005, 20:03:


The MP3 of your song is showing up as an altervista page.... They probably doesn't support music - because we all know that MP3 = Piracy, right???

Stupid webhost. MP3's are for legal uses too....

I thought you beat the inevitability of death to death, just a little bit...

From MfM on 27.10.2005, 00:01:


ok link updated:
I hope now is all right


From MfM on 30.10.2005, 13:14:


hey guys I just want to know if you want that I show you the partial results,or only the final ones!!

anyway i got 3 votes now...


From lastfuture on 30.10.2005, 13:29:


I think partial results are a bad idea, because people who are yet to vote are going to place votes more strategically if they see the distribution of votes already cast.


From sampler on 30.10.2005, 13:32:


I think it's not good.
But not important for me. I think i have my own oppinion about things

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From alk on 30.10.2005, 13:58:


*agrees with lasty, don't show votes until end

From MfM on 30.10.2005, 14:56:


Original by sampler
I think it's not good.
But not important for me. I think i have my own oppinion about things

I think exactly the same thing,partial or not I have my opinion!!


From dazzled on 03.11.2005, 22:38:


just some quick reviews.. takes time this! Will do more when i get a chance.


6sides - what on mars

Interesting ideas, and some "what are those cool noises??" moments, but I'm not drawn into it, and some of the sounds are just annoying. I like the 'known unknown' sample tho heh.


Alk - insert disk 2

Faltermeyertastic, those swells and arps rock. I sometimes wonder, what it would sound like, if the cool melodies, structures and sounds, weren't inside a chip-tune type package, but that's my own prejudice coming through - its a great track. The programmed compression swells are about my favourite part, just all hangs together nice! Its a bit sugary for me, but still.. it could have been a 80s coin-op remix. Then we'd be scared.

Angelus - Crossing Heaven's doors

Its an obvious comparison, but reminds me a lot of Mike Oldfield's "songs of a distant earth" soundtrack, and I guess tubular bells. Its so amazingly self-indulgent, its like watching someone make a 40ft. gateaux, then getting a tanker of double cream to make a moat, which they then float little sugar paper ships in, drifting in the sunny, hazy winds made by the gentle draft of a thousand swan's wings, flying into the distance...yes. I like, but I feel guilty for doing so.

Hientau - cold rain

The sounds are quite complex, building up layers of melody, and a slow rhythm. Its nice to hear someone attempt a different style, and pull it off too. Id like to hear the sounds more distinct, and less muddy.. but that's cos I'm pathetically anal.

blah, more later.

From Scuba on 05.11.2005, 10:15:


Poetically put, Dazzled.


In this game where nothing is sure, why would you play by the rules? - Dave Matthews

From Angelus on 05.11.2005, 12:48:


he he... thank you so much for your comments, dazzled. I'm pleased to make you feel guilty.

Of course, Mike Oldfield is one of my greatest influences and his work is one of my inspirations to compose... but he's not the only one.


(???)Oo. X( :( :| :) :)) :D .cC(Psycle!)

From Rolemusic on 11.11.2005, 13:50:


thanks taika for the review, im a chippy man and i noticed i must learn to EQ chiptunes many people already said to me

Some kind of my comments of the songs of this compo below:

the song could be bored, but the bass always keep it adictive

Taika-Kim-Zarjaz Beats!
I love your style taika, this one remember me kunteleeta that i love too

liquid boy-dynamo
i dont know what to say about this, but, the work with the drums is really well done and hard

Rolemusic-I´m in a place i don´t belong
as many asked voices from here http://www.research.ibm.com/tts/coredemo.shtml + melodyne + chorus + echo

angelus-Crossing heaven's doors
this is my favourite in the compo, even im not a really this kind of music fan. loving the guitars and the sound

HienTau-Cold Rain
Sometimes the melody is touching. this song have nice ideas but the plucked guitar sound weak, but that is psycle native fault

MfM-sunrise battle
nice production, the drums rulez, and it sounds like old fantasy music that remember me old tracked songs XD.

alk-Insert Disk 2
nice pads, nice chippy drums, and nice chord progresion, really 80´s cool style

6sides-what on MARS
i liked the intro nice noises, but i dont like the rest too much

Scuba-South African Hybrid Chillout
the guitar in the middle part is nice, remember me dick dale surf music , i think it need more bass, too trebble song

sampler-Glide is funny
this one is my second favourite, really powerfull

JosepMa-Looping in MagicWorld
i already said this to josepma in #psycle, the change in 1:24 is awesome, dynamics and misterious sounds

Magnus Jonsson-Lulu likes
At the beggining starts some like randomly notes but after some times it get in nice classical guitar style, with a sensefull composition

someone else-there and then
Robot voices \o/, this one is strange too, is like the guitars and the rest, i cant decide if it is chaotic or not, but as taika said it does envolve you

dazzled-dints and taps
this one seems to be bored to me

A really great compo, entries have good quality
keep psycling

A whole moose was being carried by a goose shot dead by rolemusic

From alk on 13.11.2005, 00:05:


---Alk's brain dump---

I enjoyed listening to every track in this compo :-) greeat standard of quality.. lots of use of satorius' new shakers plugin here ^^

crossing heavens doors: amazing production, show's the power of psycle :-).. epic, touching and beautiful, soppy

sunrise battle: nice sounds (love the drum and melodic percussion), amiga-ish, like shadow of the beast ^^ (funny, MfM has an amiga background), would like to hear angelus and mfm do a co-op (or angelus to produce this one, similarities in the style of their compo tracks)

cold rain: oriental sound, full of energy and power, refreshing and different makes me think of rain falling in Japan, warriors fighting

there and then: great harmonics, analogue sound, very full of noise :-) sounds like a 90s indie track, my bloody valentine, spiritualised, lush and ecstatic sound, made me feel happy when listening ^^

looping in magic world: cool techno, very crisp and clean production, Josep's style :-) lots of elements of this track to enjoy (gave me emotional hits): the feeling of the leads (kind of industrial/future/mechanical/electronic), the rhythms, the crisp sounds and frequencies

zarjaz beats: can see similarities between this and josep's, should make a co-op :-).. _great_ start (wins my prize for best intro), so many ideas and things going on, taika is a hard worker! it reminds me of amiga stuff lots, of psygnosis sound track ;-p love the splashy bleepiness of this track, and the timing of all the hits (like the robotic voice), all the rolls and breaks xD!

20:55 < Rolemusic> it is dificult to call something "lead" in taikas tunes
20:55 <@alk> haha
20:55 <@alk> it's interplay
20:55 < DMNXS> hi
20:55 <@alk> like a crazy robotic/cyborg orchestra
20:56 <@alk> leaping about the stage making audio
20:56 <@alk> with cyber-chickens
20:56 <@bohan> haha, exactly
20:56 <@alk> :-)
20:56 <@bohan> it's a robot farm

south african hybrid chillout: sound track for noir detective film ^^.. It feels quite depressive and bored, but in a good way, I like the feeling

dints and taps: this one sounds good LOUD, nice sounds, _great_ buildup towards latter half of track :-) want it to keep going after coming back in at the end, ended to quick!

glide is funny: that drum kit will always remind me of.. enigma (I don't like enigma xD ) nice synth sounds and interesting chord progression at 0:49 (the bit without percussion)

dynamo: quality sounds from Psycle ^^ great feeling and lovely noises especially the "wall of sound" bass line.. I would like the perc to have more power after the lowpass filter is removed at the start (there was much more bass when the filter was on) I was thinking perhaps layer another kit at that point, with more bass in the kick

I'm in a place I don't belong: I LOVE this tune.. xD pure chip-pleasure, and _then_ the vocal comes in ^^ /me sings "I'm in a place I don't belong.." This tune almost sounds like an ironic suicide plea to me..

what on mars: dark song, enjoyed this, film soundtrack type, interesting subtle use of dynamics/contrast

picknick: meditative music, a song to close my eyes to.. listen to the beauty :-) powerful rising sounds, demo-music :-D! lasty why aren't you in a demo crew?

lulu likes: the most beautiful entry, simple with depth and complexity, intricate and detailed, great chords and notes, harmonics, arpeggios :-) maybe Bach's ghost is listening.. ^^

Maybe next time we have a natives-only no-samples compo we can include the entrees in the next Psycle release?

From MfM on 13.11.2005, 15:45:


ok peoples....just another week or so for voting !
I think we haven't need more time because I got 17 votes now so this means that monday the 21th is the last day for voting,I really hope to receive a lot of mails and pm this week
especially from those people personally involved in the compo
.....anyway let me know if you need more time we can talk about it!

have a nice vote


From MfM on 17.11.2005, 15:52:

  compo reviews

Hello guys a great compo this one(is not a news fortunately ) ,the level of every track is great,a big thanks for all the submitters !!
Here my little reviews :

ALK:insert disk2
-Hey maybe I have forgotten to turn off my amiga,O_o ..no no is alk now I know why my pc sounds like an amiga or something…
classical piece of old-school tracker with some chippy-like sounds I’m very happy to hear to.
I really liked that chip lead at 1,30 it reminds me almost 10 years ago with my memories and a tear come out from my eyes….lol
Well I say I really liked that track,his instruments his own feeling makes me really happy and nostalgic at the same time.
Very well tracked with some old-tricks for the arp and lead…rare on psycle maybe too short but this is just a detail ,the synths are very good with a lot of blitz(great!!)instances,and also the little size is a goodies(one only sample) .
OK!!I’m sure I’ll give him some of my 30 points .

ANGELUS:crossing heaven’s doors
-Very nice atmospheric intro I like that intro style .
I’m very impressed by the great technique of this track…that guitar melodies seems to be sampled but they aren’t ,the electric one too but it is really a pooplog synth.
This song is very interesting, tracked in a really awesome way,guitar samples are too nice..I have found also a breath sample(what you were doing when you have sampled that, angelus? P ).
Melodic context are great and I like that kind of ambient/new age tracks very good feeling with them,and this one is exactly what I listen when I try to relax my mind.
One of the best song of this competition imho,I really liked this dream atmosphere as I already said…nothing else to add,just an hand to you angelus with my congratulations….oh and good bass sound !!

HIEN TAU:cold rain
-This track has an ambient style quite interesting, technically a bit so simple but well structured.
Surely it needs some variations and some adds…maybe others instruments in the background for example a good bass for the atmosphere and some pads/strings.
I think that track could be better of course, the starting point is very nice…so try to add these things maybe they will fix good into the song

DAZLD:dints and taps
-yeah, another old tracks like but with a powerfull drums I really liked.
This one starts very fast and full of rhythm,very very enjoyable.
I liked also the vld-loop break at 0’,57’’ sooo nice ,tracked very well and all the synth used are nice but one thing I dislike is the bass…the sound is quite good but I think is a bit short ,I prefer in this kind of song a bass more recognizable for the whole song and deeper….I say like prodigy or something…good song anyway

-great DnB feeling on this one,very well structured and tracked.
I liked it so much,the sounds are very weel chosen and inserted on the track,the drums work is pretty nice especially for the filtered fx,the bass is quite deep and fit so good on the song.
The synth lead is really great in this context…arrangements are nice and with some good variations.
Maybe the end part is not so good but …is not so important… the rest is good enough .
Ye,some points to you too

JOSEPMA:looping in magic world
-yeah,we have got also our main coder on this competition and this is great
the track is in his own style..techno/dance minimal or something…
it reminds me at some ’90 songs I’m a very fan of….the dance beat is quite enjoyable with that bass sound very cool.
But I dislike the main lead synth is not so catchy imho,anyway I think this track lacks something in terms of melodic contexts…
But is anyway enjoyable and good to listening to for his pretty nice dance feeling and rhythm,tracking work is nice and synths are good too…nice piece of music josep

-unmistikable lasty own style
really good song as usual,it will be fit good for some old space videogames on bonus stage level,I imagine my spaceship into a screen full of meteors I have to destroy or passing through the empty spaces…but this was another history
structured very well and the sound is so catchy with some good variations,it needs surely a better drums,is too poor/minimal imho but not so bad In that song context…
ye..sound very nice lasty ,keep it up!!

-sweet song made just with druttis- plucked string and shakers..hmm nice idea but maybe too poor for my personal taste.
The guitar melodies sounds quite good played and original…maybe it’s not my cup of tea (like taika-kim used to say ) so..I can’t add more..

ROLEMUSIC:I’m in a place I don’t belong
-where is this place roly?...
classical rolemusic chippy style but with some new good things…this song makes me really happy because of his own melodies so good and enjoyable.
Voices are so nice and well inserted in this musical context,of course being a chippy tune it follow very well the classical structure with just arp,bass and lead , tracked work is quite simple but good at the same time.
This rhythm progression is so nice that I can’t stop playing it ”....i’m in a place I do…(ermm ..sorry I was singing)..eheh ” ..good job josè !!

SAMPLER:glide is funny
-after some listening I’m quite sure I can agree with taika when he said: “This song has nice ideas but somehow and bit unfinished feel, like a collection of patterns”
ye...but his sound is good anyway the drums reminds me at some old enigma’s tune (I’m veeery fan),this piece is so full of great rhythm and quite melodic but maybe it needs something…I really don’t know what exactly…..some background sound maybe..??
it starts very good with excellent atmosphere but it gets lost with his progression….
I’m sure you can reedit some parts because this one has great premises..let me know if you will do!!

SCUBA:south african hybrid chillout
-hmm I think the first synth need some delay,the deep bass is very nice…and the guitar sample is so good .
The structure is quite simple but I think this song has a great starting point…guitar and bass are ok,some add here and there and voilà…could be a very good song imho,oh and a better drum.. the one you have inserted is a bit too techno-ish ,yes yes I know you need more mb for that
Anyway a nice song for a newbie…

SOMEONEELSE:there and then
-interesting start with nice drum and fx…this song is a bit weird but has a very good atmosphere,it’s something like a background music with no lead but so rhythmic!
Really nice work with native instruments, I liked the synths they fit good in that musical context and give to the song a particular sound..
Also the tracking work is quite well done ,simple but good ..nice track SE !!

6SIDES:what on mars
-well ,what on mars? Since I’m a mars fan I never found nothing there …
ok I really liked this title,my nick name is for those that didn’t know (Man From Mars) so…
talk about song…starts with a very strange fx soooo loud,hmm I noticed that there are no synths all are samples ,I liked that conga loop and the voice (reminds me at some taika’s stuff ).
I’m not a really fan of this kind of song but this one has a nice feeling but his sounds is a bit strange maybe is the low quality of all those samples(I know the compo limitation anyway)but I think you could replace some samples with synths ,all will be better imho ..…

TAIKA KIM:zarjaz beats
-A really great start ,nice percussion and very good octave jump bass !!
hard work for you as your usual…very good sound,but I liked so much this one for the hi energy feeling.
Yeah very good change at 4’20’’ ,a lot of background sounds so enjoyable and melodic rhythm!!
That’s a very cool track taika,tracking work is awesome with a lot of care about the details,a lot of tws …good knowledge of psycle and the synths are really well done with a good use of VOSKOMO-BLITZ.
One of the best track in the competition..

Oh…deadline is Monday the 21 so..just 4 days left!!come on people I got 22 votes now but we need more more and more


From TranceMyriad on 18.11.2005, 00:16:


Time for my compo reviews:

Lastfuture - "Picknick"
I quite like the melodies in this one, but I don't think there's enough variation - not enough happening to keep the listener interested for the whole track. I was really waiting to hear some complicated DnB-type percussion over the top, would work really well - as it stands, the high hats/shakers were a bit too quiet, I think. Also, the whole track sounds a little too lo-fi for my liking - like everything's under a bad low-pass filter.

Overall, nice melodies, some nice ideas in there, but it's a little bit too repetitive and needs more variation to spice it up.
Nice work!

Taika-Kim - "Zarjaz Beats!"

Starts off quite nicely - the percussion has a nice "live" feel. The bass drum seems a bit weak imo, although it's covered up by everything else later on. Some lovely synths in there, as well as the usual blips and clicks. The mix is a little bit muddy, but I think that's because you've got a few synths with very similar frequencies all with a similar stereo width (having said, that, it's not a major problem in this track). Hehe, you certainly like your robots - first "Evil Attack Robot Empire" and now this .

Overall, very nice, well produced track

Liquid Boy - "Dynamo"

Very nice intro chords, but they get a bit boring after a while - they need some variation - mix them up a bit! Nice bass as well. The screachy lead synth could sit a bit further forward in the mix - it's a little distant atm. Percussion overall is very nice - works well.

Overall, some very cool ideas in this track, but it's a little lacking in variation.

Rolemusic - "I'm in a place I don't belong"

This tune is a little too simplistic for my liking - mainly the intro. I like the vocals, although they are a little hard to hear. The melodies are quite nice. I would like to hear a non-chiptune version of this. I think there could've been a bit more in the way of backing synths here - it sounds a bit empty in places.

Overall, this has a nice sound to it

Angelus - "Crossing Heaven's Doors"

Some lovely intro synths there. The boom was a tad too loud, and a little harsh imo - doesn't quite match - I think it's because of the snap on the drum being too obvious. The synth that comes in at 0:46 is a little irritating - I think it's just an EQ issue. The guitar is lovely.

That breathing effect works well - but I think you could've faded everything else back in a little better - it's a bit sharp. It shocks a little too much imo.

Apart from that, I have no major complaints - a very well produced track. I would like to hear you re-do this one with a better reverb etc - it would sound awesome.

Nice work!!

Heintau - "Cold Rain"

Some nice ideas in this track, but it doesn't really go anywhere. Even if you're trying to put the listener to sleep, I think you've got to give the track some direction - this track doesn't seem to have much, imo. Having said that, I like the general sound of this.

MfM - "Sunrise Battle"
Love that intro - it really sets the mood. Just when I start to think it's been going on a little too long, the real variation begins. Those plucked synths seem a little sharp compared with what you've started off with. Melodies are spot on.

I'm quite impressed with this one - it has a very nice feel to it - better watch out MfM, you might win on votes, and then people mightn't believe that you'd won jk lol

6Sides - "What on Mars"

Rather simple track, this one. It just sounds like it's a collection of ideas, and doesn't really go anywhere. Tbh, it sounds like someone's just improvising with synths, and recording them along the way.

Sorry, but I'm not particularly impressed with this one. Although I had a laugh at the inclusion of the "unknowns" quote (it was someone in the US govt that said that, wasn't it?).

Alk - "Insert Disk 2"

I quite like the synths in this one - this track has a nice feel. Lovely melody. Can't say I'm a fan of the synth that comes in at 1:30 - sounds a little out of place imo.

This tune has a very nostalgic feel to it (in a good way). Nice work!

Scuba - "South African Hybrid Chillout"

This track sounds like you've added a very nice guitar riff, then added a whole bunch of psycle presets over the top, with not many fx. I just looked at the psy, and I have one major suggestion for you: EFFECTS!! Reverb, delays etc.! Use them! They make a big difference...

Sample - "Glide is Funny"
Ouch! I had to listen to the psy, since the ogg was clipping badly lol. You know, you could make a very cool hard trance track with that glide synth

I love the percussion - works really well. I agree with what someone said about the track sounding like a random collection of patterns. Some very good ideas, but the track doesn't have much direction, and there's not much transition between different sections.

Overall, nice work. Some nice sounds in there

JosepMa - "Looping in Magicworld"

Long time, no sound, Josep! I'd better say nice things, or he might put a bug in Psycle that only gets me jk

Some very nice sounds in this. There's a couple of places where things don't seem to be in harmony, or even in good disharmony. Rather simple percussion, but the melodies are dominant, so you can get away with it.

Magnus - "Lulu Likes"

Rather simple, some nice melodies, but not enough to it imo. Not much more to comment on.

Someone Else - "There and Then"

Some interesting ideas in this, but really not my cup of tea. Rather muddy mix, some cool sounds in there.

Dazzled - "Dints and Taps"

Percussion in this works well. Some nice ideas, but by the end of the track it's a bit of "too much of the same". Has a nice minimalist feel to it, but a bit TOO much minimalism if you know what I mean.

Overall, I'm impressed with this batch of compo entries - they're definitely increasing in quality every time.

Good work, everyone!



From dazzled on 18.11.2005, 06:58:


I should just stick to drums.. always known it. Ta for the review!

From MfM on 20.11.2005, 12:21:


Tuesday November the 22nd at 19:30 CET,compo results in real time

...join on #psycle if you are curious!!


From MfM on 22.11.2005, 20:14:




1 ) ANGELUS -165 points
2 ) MfM -120 points
3 ) TAIKA-KIM -114 points
4 ) alk -94 points
5 ) lastfuture -90 points
6 ) liquidboy -70 points
7 ) rolemusic -59 points
8 ) sampler -44 points
9 ) JosepMa -39 points
10 )daz -34 points
11 )someoneelse -33 points
12 )hientau -23 points
13 )magnus -20 points
14 )scuba -13 points
15 )6sides -12 points

great compo guys!!

--thanks to the 31 voters---


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