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From IoX on 03.08.2005, 19:56:

  Ritardando (gradually slow down)

How can I make the tempo of a pattern gradually slow down from a certain point to the end?


From alk on 03.08.2005, 20:50:


hi IoX,

look in the manual regarding global pattern commands (I don't have psycle here to check)

you can set the tempo via a pattern command, so you can set it as the current tempo half way down the pattern, the final tempo at the end, and interpolate the values inbetween (there;s a keypress for interpolating between two pattern commands)

From IoX on 03.08.2005, 22:54:


alright, thanks! I looked into it... and it says FFxx to change the BPM, but What do i put for 125?

EDIT: I figured it out, its FF7D


From IoX on 03.08.2005, 23:53:


Sorry for double post, but now I want to put a global volume fade... the manual says put

FC80 sets the volume to half

when i put in FC80, i didnt notice any difference?

From TranceMyriad on 04.08.2005, 10:00:


it seems to work fine for me....

a good way to test it would be to do the following:

in a pattern, at the top put "FCFF" the parameter column

Then, a fair few lines later, put "FC80" which will set the volume to -6dB (half)

then, go to the machines view and double click on the Master Machine. Finally, press Play and check the main volume slider changes....

of course, this will be easier to notice if you have some notes in there as well...

hope that helps

oh, and if you find any errors/mistakes/something that isn't very clear in the help file, let me know here



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