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From Angelus on 24.07.2005, 18:52:


Psycle Skin inspired on FL Studio 4 from Image-Line Software.

You can download the 'release candidate' ( ) from:


Any comments / suggestions will be wellcome.


(???)Oo. X( :( :| :) :)) :D .cC(Psycle!)

From TranceMyriad on 25.07.2005, 07:05:


hehe very cool Angelus - all we need now is to be able to skin the WHOLE of Psycle - toolbars, the lot



From [JAZ] on 25.07.2005, 12:48:


angelus, do the following changes:


"generator_solo_source"=32,132,30,19 <- (width 30, not 31)

"generator_solo_dest"=138,35 <- ( x = 138, not 137)

"generator_vu_dest"=3,41,102 (width was 96 instead of 102)

Generator Skin has the pan slider drawn!!!!!

If you could make all the vu's the same size ( i.e. 6) it would look better. you have 18 leds when 17 would be the perfect size, then, do this:

"generator_vu0_source"=0,118,6,12 (width 6 instead of 5)
"generator_vu_peak_source"=96,118,6,12 (width 6 instead of 5)

"effect_vu0_source"=0,118,6,12 (width 6 instead of 5)

"effect_vu_peak_source"=96,118,6,12 (width 6 instead of 5)

As indicated by the comments in the skin file, "on indicators also designate clickable area", so, change this from

"record_on_source"=30,23,20,10 (y and height)
"mute_on_source"=54,23,28,10 (y and height)
"solo_on_source"=86,23,26,10 (y and height)

"record_on_dest"=30,3 (y now needs to be 3)
"mute_on_dest"=54,3 (y now needs to be 3)
"solo_on_dest"=86,3 (y now needs to be 3)

Still, i notice that there is some sort of "move-like" effect, which comes from reducing the size from the original to the one needed by psycle. If you can't fix it, it is not a big problem.

also, change the following for better looking:

"number_0_source"=2,40,10,11 (x 2 instead of 1)

Finally, i've fixed two bugs in psycle, which showed with your skin.
First one that "dancing vu's", which I already knew, but didn't fix yet.
And the other one is on the pattern header. one couldn't click on the "o" of solo, neither on the "e" of mute,because the program was always getting the width of "rec" instead.

Good skin, like your previous ones.

Btw.. weren't you working on a remake of the mercury2 also?

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From Angelus on 26.07.2005, 17:41:



Josep, how do you feel sending 'bug reports' and suggestions?

Thanx, I'll work on them as soon as possible.


(???)Oo. X( :( :| :) :)) :D .cC(Psycle!)

From fiasko on 29.07.2005, 19:45:


looks good. i always though there some potential in fruity

From Mattias on 02.09.2005, 12:05:


Good skin! I will use it for a long time...

EDIT: I added a background bitmap from fruity and now it's better. Try loadin' coloured fruits...

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From bobthefish on 14.11.2006, 01:07:


hmm, fl-studio 4 is outa d8 man, im using fl-studio 6 now

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