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From TranceMyriad on 19.07.2005, 12:23:

  Psycle Help File (errors, suggestions etc)

This is a permanent post about the Psycle Help file (maybe it could become a sticky if people use it a lot)....please tell me about errors, suggestions, things I've left out etc

Thanks to all the people that have already posted errors

The latest version is at: http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/*c...sers/Psycle.chm


28/07/05 - v1.03 released, a bit of an overhaul, and added the index + basic Tips and Tricks section.

25/07/05 - v1.02 released, a few minor changes (thanks again to alk, Sartorius) and documentation for dummy plugin and Note duplicator added.

23/07/05 - The Psycle Help file v1.01 is ready for release.

19/07/05 - The Psycle Help file beta released. Thanks to everyone who pointed out errors, especially Sartorius (can't believe i forgot the Parameters section!), sampler and bohan.



From Angelus on 19.07.2005, 17:41:


Great! It seems to work fine.

Keep on the good work.


(???)Oo. X( :( :| :) :)) :D .cC(Psycle!)

From sampler on 19.07.2005, 19:56:


Well, i've been looking at it a bit.

You should read http://psycle.sourceforge.net/wiki/Features
and add some of them to the features.

Another thing i'd change is the explanation of how new mcm funcionality (by bohan) works. I'd put it in another place or remove it from history of changes...

That's my oppinion for now...

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From sampler on 19.07.2005, 19:58:


mmmm, maybe you could add a version or revision number to the manual.

...more things. We should add a FAQ section. We can copy from the wiki to start.

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From TranceMyriad on 20.07.2005, 01:08:


hey sampler, i've explained the NEW mcm functionality in the proper section - it's not just in the history of changes....it's in Pattern Editor > Mcm command i think



From sampler on 20.07.2005, 08:14:


Then i'd put a link to it in the history of changes instead of the explanation. But this is no important.

How about the other things?

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From TranceMyriad on 20.07.2005, 08:34:


whoops, i forgot to add in the FAQ - i've done that now, and i've added a revision number...



From Sartorius on 20.07.2005, 09:07:


1. References "connected" and "Master Machine" link to nothing on page "Machine Types".

2. References "Generators and Effects" and "properties" link to nothing on page "Gear Rack". "...is the Wave Editor {Make Link} button" - the same page.

3. "... to appear in.


Then, to record, press ...
" - "Recording in real-time" page.

4. there's no page about presets dialog.

5. Reference "wire dialogue" links to nothing on page "Global Commands".

From BJohan on 21.07.2005, 22:14:

  mcm command for native machines

mcm command for native machines:

if the machine is not a vst, and if the note is a "mcm" (hmm, poor name if it's not related with midi),
then, the fields in the event are interpreted as <voice> <machine> <command>.
for example, 112233333, means:
11 is the voice,
22 is the machine,
3333 is the command.

The voice number being 11, the command affects notes that were triggered on the same voice, that is, with the classic tracking way, notes that were entered on the track 11 (that is 17 in decimal)

The voice number 0xff is special and send the same command to all voices.

(internally the player calls the Machine::Tick function with the given values, and the instrument value set to 0.)

(PS: corrected)

From BJohan on 21.07.2005, 22:19:

  mcm command for vst machines

mcm command for vst machines:

mcm is not limited to midi CC (Continuous Controllers) messages. in other words, the first field isn't a CC number but "simply" a raw byte...

i'm afraid the only general definition we can give is

mcm <midi-status-byte> <machine> <midi-data-byte-1><midi-data-byte-2>

and let the user refer to the midi standard, like http://www.borg.com/~jglatt/tech/midispec.htm, and/or the manual of his vst.

Many messages affect a specific channel number, and in this case, the status-byte is splitted into two nibbles (4 bits), where the low nibble (the hexadecimal digit at the right), is the channel number.

Note: a "byte" in midi is only 7 bits, so, acceptable range is only 0 to 7f (in hexadecimal) for data bytes, and for a godam reason, 80 to ff for the status byte.

From TranceMyriad on 23.07.2005, 02:42:


Sartorius, all the errors you found have been fixed. The mcm explanation has been fixed as well.

This is how mcm works for natives:

mcm <voice number> <machine number> <pattern command>

Note that the voice number is the track number of the machine you are trying to influence, and that the pattern command is one of the note-on type commands that apply to that particular machine e.g. 0Cxx



From Sartorius on 25.07.2005, 10:17:


Page -> Bad link
Instruments -> Add Machine
Input/Output -> MIDI Tutorial
Tutorial -> machines
Configuration -> MIDI Controller ???

From TranceMyriad on 25.07.2005, 12:15:


links fixed, will be out in the next version.

alk pointed out that the record button is not documented properly - this has been done as well.



From TranceMyriad on 28.07.2005, 11:09:


Psycle Help v1.03 is now released - this will be the final one for the next couple of months - i'll make another update if people point out a lot of problems with it though...



From MfM on 29.07.2005, 14:39:


that's good ..so we can start the translations now

I'm for the Italian one ...obviously

come on people .....


From MfM on 13.08.2005, 19:31:


on wave editor i think you should explain better how to set a loop!

to add a loop point:

ctrl+left click (start point) and ctrl+right click (end point)

edit: thanks to JosepMa for the explanation!


From TranceMyriad on 14.08.2005, 03:36:


ah yes, all fixed, will be in the next version of the help file.

Thanks MfM



From MfM on 14.08.2005, 13:45:



From alk on 14.08.2005, 20:06:


I think there should be new stable releases of PSycle which incorporate the chnages made in the help file as they're made

From TranceMyriad on 15.08.2005, 07:47:


i'm thinking once there've been a few more errors found (i will spend some time going through it myself), i will post a new version on psycle.free.fr, then the devs can do what they want



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