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From KarLKoX on 12.07.2005, 22:30:

  Expand Controller/Parameter ?

Hi !
I was psycling and playing a bit with the Albino 2 VSTi but when i was going to tweak some of it's parameter, i couldn't : the reason is because it have more than 0xFF parameters !
Is there an expand of the Controller/Parameter column in the TODO list ?
More and more VSTi are going to be more tweakable and though will offer more tweaking knobs
Thanx in advance

From MfM on 12.07.2005, 23:08:


I have had the same problem with several plugins VST


From TranceMyriad on 13.07.2005, 02:32:


maybe the parameter column could be made 3-wide instead of 2? that would give a max of 4096 params instead of 256 which would be plenty



From KarLKoX on 13.07.2005, 12:31:


This is what i asked implicitly

From TranceMyriad on 13.07.2005, 12:49:


just making a practical version of your suggestion



From [JAZ] on 13.07.2005, 21:30:


This will not be necessary in 2.0 (i.e, the next stable release after 1..

To tweak or do other effects, you will you add an "effect column", which will affect one knob or effect. ( i.e. the columns like in buzz, but only the ones the user needs).

for now, I won't modify it, as it means making it unloadable in previous versions. (i.e. a change in the fileformat), and it already will be needed for 2.0

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

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