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From fiasko on 21.06.2005, 23:47:

  new xtra small skin

to remedy the clutter..

http://fiasko.madtracker.net/fiasko A.psm
http://fiasko.madtracker.net/fiasko A.bmp
http://fiasko.madtracker.net/fiasko B.psm
http://fiasko.madtracker.net/fiasko B.bmp

From sampler on 22.06.2005, 08:13:


mmmm, it has cool things. Maybe the colors could have been better choosen imo. But i like it.

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From fiasko on 22.06.2005, 13:21:


yea, i'll do versions with different colors.

From fiasko on 22.06.2005, 15:20:



http://fiasko.madtracker.net/fiasko C.psm
http://fiasko.madtracker.net/fiasko C.bmp

From sampler on 22.06.2005, 15:37:


Yes! better now

I like the machine name below the machine, no problem with long names

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From MfM on 22.06.2005, 21:21:




From fiasko on 23.06.2005, 17:02:


glad you like it

pattern view skin and theme


From alk on 24.06.2005, 00:52:


superb! :-)

p.s. I prefer the original colours sampler

From fiasko on 24.06.2005, 03:13:


this one has good contrast

http://fiasko.madtracker.net/fiasko D.psm
http://fiasko.madtracker.net/fiasko D.bmp

From alk on 26.06.2005, 00:32:




I've added configuring the cols of native ui

From fiasko on 26.06.2005, 15:15:


good idea Knob skinnig option is now needed

From MfM on 26.06.2005, 20:10:


yes is really nice ALK!


From alk on 26.06.2005, 23:11:


fiasko; it's already there (the dials are a new skin)


From sampler on 27.06.2005, 08:45:


Gooooood, this rocks!

What the next alk?

Edit: Would rock even more if each machine could have its own skin

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From fiasko on 27.06.2005, 16:58:


excellent once i tried to replace the knobs with a resource editor but that didnt work.

From fiasko on 03.07.2005, 06:27:


Alk, could you post the default dial bitmap ? just grabbed the new alpha. i'll make some ableton live type of knobs

From TranceMyriad on 03.07.2005, 07:13:


yay, now natives will be easier to read

what we want next is font/knob sizes etc to be able to changed as well

nice work alk!



From [JAZ] on 04.07.2005, 21:17:



<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

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