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From fiasko on 08.06.2005, 01:44:

  modified alk skin

I needed something smaller... hope you dont mind Alk.



http://fiasko.madtracker.net/alk-mercury... machines 2.bmp

http://fiasko.madtracker.net/alk-mercury... machines 2.psm

From [JAZ] on 09.06.2005, 21:26:


Nice modification you got there. I did found the one by alk too big too, and that's why i never used it.

On the other hand, I would use yours

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From fiasko on 11.06.2005, 07:11:



i like alk skin, but for me it was too wide as well.

From alk on 12.06.2005, 12:18:



nice work fiasco! are you from the madtracker camp?

(btw i (ripped nasty word) .. adapted .. this from a winamp skin : - P

From fiasko on 12.06.2005, 13:51:


Original by alk

nice work fiasco! are you from the madtracker camp?

i'm mostly in the Psy camp. To make things more interesting, I ocasionally use MT

From DMNXS on 21.06.2005, 12:10:


Nice skin .

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