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From _sue_ on 22.05.2005, 19:11:

  The Reason Why I Dont Use Native Generators

First of all i woul like to say that i love native generators..theyre very light on the cpu and have wonderfull features (many sugested by users like me)...so thanks for that. one of my fave things about them are the pattern commands...

...but are also this pattern commands one of the main reason that prevents me to use native gens. ill explain. theres only one fx column in the pattern editor and i usually use it for Volume. so if ie i need to do an oscillator phase reset in pooplog fm lab, i just cant...cause im alredy using the fx column for volume. i know theres a volume column comming in the next ver. of psycle, but this still wont do it....since machines have lots of pattern commands and most of the times i need to use more than one at once. its like i have a super car but no driving wheel to drive it.... if i use vsts, wich have the features i need, i can control everything through vst automation. so to my regrets thats what im doing ...(im not a big vst fan, but i had to convert myself to it as time went by)

that is reason 1...reason 2 is simply lack of support. most native gear gives me problems on my P4 3Ghz ....everytime i upgrade pc new problems appear in native gear.

all this lead me to use mainly VSTs ....but then again Psycle's VST host is not the best host on the world so from time to times i have some problems.

so what the hell is this post for?

i know that most gear is closed source so theres nothing it can be done. so my sugestion is make the VST Host better . i know this is planned already but my sugestion is to make it REALLY good...or as good as you can...eheh...since i "cant" use native gear at least it would be nice to use all the vsts that are out there....

thanks for reading...

ta ta...

From asdf on 22.05.2005, 20:21:


doesnt it work if you just type the machine number,
parameter number,
and data to as many channels you like?

i am quite sure the last time i fiddled with psycle,
the parameters duly changed simultaneously at playback

From Hakyoku Seiken on 23.05.2005, 03:44:


Use the TWEAK command. Works on any channel and controls any machine.

Personally, what I like to do is save a couple of extra tracks next to track columns where I'm entering notes on a very busy synth (busy = knob twisting hell), this way all of the commands that change the sound will be close to the commands that actually calll FOR the sound...

This was one of my suggestions: Adding multiple effect columns, but I just thought of something even better...color controlled pattern bars...i.e. You can select them and select the color you wish for them so that at a glance you can tell exactly what you're looking at...espeically if you have a lot of tweak commands placed everywhere...

At any rate, *ahem*, yes, it is very possible to 'drive your race car', sir. Refer to the manual in the glovebox for details.

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From _sue_ on 23.05.2005, 16:08:


asdf : i dont want to tweak machine parameters...i want to use each generator's pattern commands... besides having knobs to tweak; native synths have pattern commads wich are a bit different from tweaks...the things you can control with pattern commands are different from the parameters you can tweak. to see each machines pattern commands, click in the "about" drop menu of each synth and then click "pattern commands".

Hakyoku Seiken : same answer to you. and ive sugested already the possibility to add more than one fx column to each track. but as the coders told me; that is too time consuming to implement since it would affect the GUI. so as you can understand its not prioritary coding. i guess your second idea would affect the gui even more.

anyways thank you both for trying to help.

ta ta...

From asdf on 23.05.2005, 18:34:


i see
sorry for the misunderstanding on my behalf
was not familiar with pooplog fm lab
hope you find some way around this problem!

From Hakyoku Seiken on 23.05.2005, 19:25:


Ahh, yes, _sue_, I get what you're after now...aren't there basic panning/volume column commands in psycle? I thought psycle was one of the trackers that had basic commands availalble in that column...(can't recall off the top of my head, though!) That may help you out a little bit...? But you certainly couldn't use an arpaggio command with a filter slide up, I guess...

At any rate, only a handful of the commands I've seen cannot be duplicated by tweak commands. Yes, it is a pain in the rear to replicate some of them, but that seems to be the only solution at the moment. It's kind of a 'where there's a will, there's a way' situation. I'm sure you could bang out tweak commands to duplicate whatever command you wish.

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From BJohan on 24.05.2005, 01:43:


in the version 1.7.46 (alpha),

to be tested...
change that allows the player to send commands (Machine::Tick function) from any pattern track with a given channel (or "voice") number:

mcm command for native machines:

if the machine is not a vst, and if the note is a "mcm" (hmm, poor name if it's not related with midi),
then, the fields in the event are interpreted as <voice> <machine> <command>.
for example, 11223333, means:
11 is the voice,
22 is the machine, and
3333 is the command.

The voice number being 11, the command affects notes that were triggered on the same voice, that is, with the classic tracking way, notes that were entered on the track 11 (that is 17 in decimal)

The voice number 0xff is special and send the same command to all voices.

(internally the player calls the Machine::Tick function with the given values, and the instrument value set to 0.)

(PS: corrected)

From _sue_ on 24.05.2005, 02:44:


Its working .... thanks

From sampler on 24.05.2005, 08:24:


Yes. "mcm" it's not the best name. Maybe it should be called "pcm" pattern command

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From FingerSoup on 24.05.2005, 18:36:


Some suggestions:

CTC - Cross-Track Command

MPC - MIDI/Pattern Command (Not Media Player Classic)

MDC - Machine Dependant Command

CMC - Cross-pattern / Midi Command

ETR - Event Trigger

AET - Alternate Event Trigger

NET - Note Event Trigger

I thought you beat the inevitability of death to death, just a little bit...

From BJohan on 25.05.2005, 05:09:


Haha.. well, i don't know..
"pcm" sounds like pulse code modulation, so i think it's confusing.

what the command does concretly is that it sends raw numbers to the machine, being it a vst (MIDI CC) or native.
the interpretation of these numbers is all left to the machine itself.

From FingerSoup on 25.05.2005, 18:08:


RDC- Raw Data command?

I thought you beat the inevitability of death to death, just a little bit...

From TranceMyriad on 26.05.2005, 08:23:


RDC sounds good to me



From sampler on 27.05.2005, 18:26:


This new feature rocks! Adds much power to Psycle for some plugins. Poop's ones have many command parameters.
Thank you very much BJohan

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From alk on 29.05.2005, 14:28:


VSC - Very Silly Command


From sampler on 30.05.2005, 11:18:


Don't you like it alk?

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From alk on 31.05.2005, 18:08:


hah.. no I was being "funny"

From TranceMyriad on 01.06.2005, 13:57:


i thought it was funny..,...



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