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From Taika-Kim on 26.04.2005, 02:10:

  Aavepyörä - Elektro fluoro punx

So, here's finalised versions of my tracks from the last year or so, conveniently in an album form:

CoverGFX are coming up in a few days I imagine...

From sampler on 26.04.2005, 08:22:


The link is bad or the server is down.

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From someone else on 26.04.2005, 12:28:


looks great, another reason to get broadband soon

From Taika-Kim on 26.04.2005, 16:09:


We've had problems with the name server or something like that, just try again later.

I know it sucks, and we're trying to figure what the heck is going on.

From MfM on 26.04.2005, 18:02:


that's good taika

..only one thing,what does Aavepyörä means?


From Taika-Kim on 29.04.2005, 18:34:


We translate it as Ghostwheel, altough the original joke back in 1994 or so was more like Ghostbike But you get the idea...

From Rolemusic on 08.05.2005, 23:11:


Wow, im still listening Aarnimaa and now another one , I will be listening to this one the following days.

A whole moose was being carried by a goose shot dead by rolemusic

From Rolemusic on 21.06.2005, 19:09:


Another 100% taika´s style, i enjoied this one also, but i see it less imagination and variety than the in Aarnimaa, or maybe is because the first impresion that i had about your music what Aarnimaa and now I found the same style.

This I enjoy this music, nice producion, my favs are Swastik Brand and kunntele tää, but this is another version of the first you posted here XD.

A whole moose was being carried by a goose shot dead by rolemusic

From Taika-Kim on 24.06.2005, 00:35:


Well, this was more like an in-between collection of misc tracks, I'm still trying to figure where to go musically now, and even more important, what tracker should I move on to. Aodix seems great, but I hate learning new software. But I need to, there's so many things there that Psycle doesn't have and I'd like...

From sampler on 24.06.2005, 08:45:


well, Aodix is not freeware

anyways, i think i'd prefer Renoise.

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From MfM on 24.06.2005, 16:42:


Original by Taika-Kim
there's so many things there that Psycle doesn't have and I'd like...

what do u really need taika?


From Taika-Kim on 25.06.2005, 11:46:


Above all:
Better VST handling
Proper ASIO I/O
More accurate sequencer. It's very easy to do funky lines in Aodix by first making the melodies in the usual tracker style, and then finetuning the piano-roll. I usually work with 8tbp in Psycle, and this is wayyy rigid. Adding ticks beyond this makes working very cumbersome IMO.

Yes, it's not freeware, that's true But not very expensive either...

From TranceMyriad on 08.07.2005, 11:26:


can't believe i forgot to look at this!

nice album, Taika!

here's my quick thoughts on each track, reviewing as i listen:

Manifiesto Futu
I love that bassline, and the tremolo lead is awesome...this is very much disco music! ...makes me think of parties....this track has a "rock" atmosphere, that works very well...

Kuuntele tää
this is one crazy track!...lots happening...i love the brass instruments...square lead is cool...love the portamentos in there...

Salaiset kauniit paikat
i think i liked the natives-only version a little better in some ways...maybe i just got used to the sound of that one? i love the time signature changes...i especially love the melody/time sig. change that comes in at around 4:10...

Kapteeni Intia ja Kenraali Goa lähtevät maailmalle
this one starts of sounding like an alternative rock track..but then it gets going...at about 3:00 the melody sounds a bit like a familiar folk tune (can't remember the original name but i remember the joke "paratrooper" version)...hehe "the superhero button"...love that bit and what follows...nice!

Goa's Special: Swastik Brand Masala
I like the start of this one....bit more mellow that the others...i love that bass....very nice goa although my personal preference would be for it to sound a little clearer in the mix....nice synths in this one...

Naidenie Flowers
some nice goa/acid lines in this one....i love that synth at around 4:50....and the one at 6:16 + the melody there....

Just Before Sundown
love the voice quote....and the intro synths....reminds me of those classic TS404 and tb303 lines...i love the instrument that comes in at 2:19 (can't think of the name of it )

Evil Attack Robot Empire
love the beginning of this one - funky (probalby not the right word lol)....very cool....WOOHOO....DALEKS!!!...awesome!! (btw did you see the new series of Dr Who? lol)...i'm impressed....that lo-fi snare-type percussion works well....i really like this track!]

Valo, voima ja vapaus
love that bass with the vocal hits at the beginning...and the chaos-sounding synth as well...you've worked the vocals in very well

Overall mixing and mastering is good as usual...

Overall, this album is fast and funky! lol

Nice work!



From Taika-Kim on 11.07.2005, 13:45:


No, in fact I've never seen any Dr Who but the sample was nice and I tought it'll reach a nostalgy spot somewhere for many people

I've mastered most of the tracks a little better (well, unmastered actually, the current versions don't have enough dynamics IMO) for the album... Expect them online in some weeks. There's not so much difference. Some new synths in Manifiesto Futu, complete rewrite of bass for Valo... and of course better overall sound. Maybe no need to reload if you're happy with these, but I'm putting them online anyway since I get a lot of new downloads each day! (hmm over 70gb thus far for this album..phew)

From TranceMyriad on 11.07.2005, 14:16:


that's a lot of downloads!

nice....and i'll have a look again for the new versions sometime soon....



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