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From Tao on 20.11.2001, 16:54:

some cool movie samples(free)

I just discovered this site some times ago.
It is called "wavcentral" and is available here
it's really worth checking because it hosts a veery huge database of movie samples...really cool for goa tunes..




From Pikari on 20.11.2001, 22:16:


I couldn't download any files from wavcentral..

But I found this site (though I'm not sure if it works either)


Pik - the master of short and unclear messages.

From Pikari on 20.11.2001, 22:19:


Samples on soundamerica are working

you just got to d/l some exe file first...

Pik - the master of short and unclear messages.

From Tao on 21.11.2001, 13:02:


yo m8,
soundamerica is cool, but wavcentral allows u to get real waves(no mp3 coded files), and when it works.it is really well organised, with a short description of what is in.........




From Pikari on 21.11.2001, 13:26:

yes, when it works ...

gotta try wavcenter again later on this week


Pik - the master of short and unclear messages.

From Rik on 23.08.2003, 06:46:

Just downloaded some samples from wave-central.Thanks- gottta check em' out to see if I can use any of them in my music.

From kodek on 15.12.2005, 11:21:


nice resource! TX!

From Taika-Kim on 15.12.2005, 17:00:


Hey, just sample all movies you watch, that's what I do.

When I watch movies on my computer, I just sample the whole stuff to Wavelab, make notes on paper whenever there's some cool sample, and then after the movie extract them.

This way you don't end up using the same samples than everybody else

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