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From [JAZ] on 17.04.2005, 12:51:

  Psycle Status April 2005


I have been busy coding, so there are several news:

More on XMSampler:

  • It's official new name is Sampulse Sampler V2 (alpha stage), or Sampulse, for short.

  • The volume column and its effects have been implemented.

  • Bugfixes in some commands, which werent working correctly. Not all are working yet, but playback is pretty good.

  • Fixed bugs in the format loaders

  • The GUI has been developed (not finished):
  • GUI Page Mixer created, it has channel volume/paning/filter values (like Impulse tracker), with an option to show the current playing values.

  • GUI Page Sampler layout has been defined.

  • GUI Page Instrument layout almost defined. I am reworking the original XMSamplerUIInst code to utilize the Envelope and the note mapping layout.

Fixed a click when having the follow song mode,and the pattern changes. This is an incomplete fix. The thread syncronization (player/gui) needs to be revisited, and the Pattern drawings need an important speedup.

Several small additions and fixes also done by Sampler, alk, and bohan, like moving with pgUp/Down while playing to move the playing cursor, fixes in native plugins or GUI adjustments.

So, now, you might ask... which is the timeline?

I expect the release version 1.8 to come in May ( or June at much).
The work remaining is :

XMSampler: Finish some parts of the GUI so that it finally is functional for standalone use.

VSTHost : Revisit some problematic cases, Add missing function handlers ( from VST2.0, 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3), and verify conformance.

BugFixing of the most annoying ones. For this last point i would like some feedback.
I will create a post in the Tech board regarding bugs. Read the instructions and post information on the problems you find.

After the 1.8 release, Multipattern will come.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

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