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From MfM on 07.03.2005, 17:43:


just to avoid confusion i made this thread ....so we can write/read all the reviews about the compo here and comment them all togheter!!
i hope to see a lot of reviews....


From MfM on 29.03.2005, 22:51:


INTRO:hello all guys ,very great compo as usual all the tracks are very enjoyable and technically good…and this is a fantastic thing for psycledelics community.
This time the overall sound of many tracks seems to be better than the previously compo ,maybe because of the samples ,they have given a more touch of quality to the songs.
I made this little reviews just because I like to do my personal opinion to the songs ,so I hope you like it .


-without any specifical order.

ANGELUS:tempus fugit
-Interesting nice track,very happy and full of melodies…starts quite nicely with a plucked string chord and a sampled xylophone makes me feel good.
The voices are quite good and well inserted in that context ,I liked also the sound of that phat bass but one things I dislike are the drums …I think too much poor ….and they surely needs also some variations like :fill-in and breaks.
I’m in a good mood with this song so I propose it for the next UNICEF spot because of his happy and melodics contents ….good Angelus!!

ToX:ant work
-This seems to be one of the best song of the competition,it shows all the good skill of the composer in tracking music.
Good atmosphear in the beginning and very nice deep bass ,the filters are really well used I liked the one on the drums and the way you have used it.
The sounds of this track reminds me at some old songs I loved in my amiga,it’s a mixture of old&new school.
Very good the drum&bass feeling and the melodies are so catcy….
Arrangements and mix are really well done and makes this song one of my favourites

-Mmmm little composition this time for this guy ,anyway the track is so nice ….reminds me at your previous compo song “reincarnate”.
What I can add more …I hope to see a long version of it soon !!

-House track,a bit so simple I think and exactly as you have said a bit repetitive.
I noticed that you have used only one native generator for the bass ,the others are samples…
Sorry I’m not in the mood of this tune its note my taste….

SAMPLER:lenguaje nativo
-gentle start…very 80’s sound for a nice track.
I like the feeling and the melodies of this one and particularly the main lead very very jarrish.
I can’t say the same regarding the drums,I think they are so “real” for a song like this …maybe it needs something more electronic especially for the snare.
The mix is really beautiful and nice to listen and also the overall sounds turn out so good….well done !!

-I really don’t know what say about this one…seems to be the same for over 2 mins….o_O
But I found a very funny things there….the name of the machines:
-a compressor named ”clito penetration”
-a reverb named ”vocal reverberator mes couilles”
-another reverb named “ anus ecartulator”
mmM seems that this guy has a lot of fantasies

NOLWEEN:voyage aux enfers du siecle
-oh..very original 2 part song .
The first part:very nice and atmospherical I liked it so much especially for his synth,very nice the chorus chords with “sublime” ,I was really surprised by that ambient sound by nolwenn in fact the second part is in her own style
The second part:starts with a great diiiiiistortion,yup!!aggressive kick drum….yahhhhh speeed up(200bpm),wait wait…I’m going to be crazy.
Too distortion for my taste,anyway I liked the great techniques she used for this second part.
Very good control of psycle I liked that and this is always a goodie!!

RHINO:out of Bristol
-Mmmm this song sounds really ethnic…very good touch of quality on this one!
Fascinating piece of music very well tracked using only 2 native generators and a lot of samples.
I always love songs with flute and bongos..yeah this one rocks but I think it’s a little bit close into dance ..maybe another kind of drums would have been better for it.
Anyway I liked it so much one of the best…surely

-well , I listened to this song many months ago…
starting is very good with a 303 like sound so beauty…(I always like this acid basslines).
I’m in the mood of this track I like the goa-trance atmosphere ,and melodically is it very well done.
The main lead sounds so chippy…quite good for my taste
But there is something I dislike it’s a bit lack of bass ,especially the drums I think needs boosting , I’d be happy to hearing a more aggressive kick …
Anyway the overall sound is pretty good and I liked it!!

SARTORIUS:escape from compo#6
-simple dance song ,sincerely nothing special for my ears.
Anyway nice arrangements and well mixed,the melodies are not so catchy but technically good…it’s a sort of techno/trance .
I have no more to add it’s not my cup of tea!

SOMEONEELSE:someoneelses problem
-rockish song very fast ...but maybe with a little bit of confusion .
I listened to it a lot of time trying to find clarity on this mix that seems to be so confused.
I think there are too sounds together in but out of tune…or am I wrong…?yup!!
Anyway I liked the “cow” sample very funny

-classical trance song ,the kind of music I listened to for many many years.
This one is technically nice with a main melody very catchy but I disliked the voices.
The trance atmosphere is well done but sometimes very simple and predictable.
Nice arrangements ,the synths are good,but as I said the only bad thing on this song are the voices ..try to turn off them and relisten to it…for me sounds better
However this song is really interesting and I think with some little features will be surely a very good song!

TAIKA-KIM:naidenie flowers
-as usual his goa-trance track sounds really amazing.
Technically it’s very great ,and also the melodiacal context are sincerely good.
I liked a lot of things on this song ..especially the work that he has made on background sounds
Surely it is for my taste one of the best…but I dislike that this guy create always the same kind of songs …anyway they are so enjoyable I know this ..but I’ve appreciated a lot his song “talvenkulma” from a previously compo,in fact I voted for it
However Taika that’s a very good song!!


From someone else on 03.04.2005, 11:59:


Hi, here's some quick notes I made while listening to the compo tracks - good effort everybody, it was very enjoyable

angelus-tempus fugit

intro echoes
beautiful sounds/melodies
nice beat, gradual changes
uplifting piece

tox-ant work

playful sounds
like the percussions
filters, sounds... very anty...
nice increase towards the end, but
lead riff gets a bit annoying

lastfuture- triton

less is more
simple but nice melodies
like the pling at the end


nice and mad samples
does what it's meant to do
like the bent humour
middle part :o)!

taika kim-naidnie flowers

sounds everywhere!
multi layered fx feast
flawlessly produced
the amount of ideas that he puts into one song would last other people for a whole album,
one thing to have that many ideas-another to put them cohesively together without losing the plot
just keeps getting better...
squorrickk croink pfrrrrsst wheeee...

nolwenn-voyage aux enfers du siecle

beautiful intro
nice pads & voices
after lulling you into a false sense of security it all gets torn to shreds...
...the captain of the love boat having a root canal treatment by a taliban-dentist...
ok, that'll do, where's the panadol...

rhino-out of bristol

nice rythms
tribal feel
easy listening (esp. after nolwenn...)
well put together

rolemusic-good boys don't take pills

nice atmospheric intro
arabic feel
tried and proven recipes

sampler-lenguaje nativo

The intro is a bit too drawn out for me...quite a wait until the real thing kicks in, i like the drums, just the lead sounds are not my thing (personal taste...)


not so big on the sterile techno style,
comes along nicely after the intro though
like the chromatic percussion
good ideas in there

mfm-travel through time

beautifully crafted piece, well produced with lots of attention to detail, nice flow and changes of dynamic

trance myriad-eureka

nice and cheesy indeed, good sounds, smooth flow
I do like those samples

Now let's try for the big one...
That's it...

and my little piece...

I'd just like to say that there is not a lot of my ego in there, so feel free to be honest in your reviews - it wont hurt my feelings

From Rolemusic on 05.04.2005, 23:46:


Thanks MfM and someoneelse for your reviews here goes my own ones, since I listened only the mp3/oggs, i cant value the psycle tracking stuff, so sorry for that. Lets go:

lastfuture - triton

I like this chiptune feeling very much, calm tune pleasant to listen, so I think is really in the way I do music, I mean i almost knew what is going to go next tim , but maybe too simple.

liquidboy - tread-mill

When I listened the tunes at first time I was riding a bike with my mp3 player, this one keep me going fast and I get funny, It is enjoyable but I didnt like at all.

sampler - lenguaje nativo

I commented this before, really tense and peacefull at the same time , in a very samplish style. I liked it

sartorious - escape

I like the begining really powerfull I expected more, the sound quality is really good, and the style dark. But imho it lacks more instruments and the bass is too loud. I liked the
lead that starts at 2:12 very much, maybe I use in one of my tunes , also good dynamics.

Taika kim - naidenie-flowers

I´m a goa fan and I really enjoyed this one, In the taika´s noneleadbutmanyinstrument that I like very much.

Tox - ant work

I didnt never get this style of music . But it is a great work of composition.

Angelus - Tempus fugit

Really good one, the voices and the drums in the emotion end is really good .

Jimmy - Casper pluster

Mmm, didnt like, remember me old makina sounds, very very repetitive

MfM - Travel trought time

Powerfull, full of oldschool amiga triks and olschool dance trics also, very MfMish one. I like thie guitars melodies.

nolwenn - voyage-aux-enfers-du-siecle

The starts is good, and this ultradistorted thing that sound like a 303 in 2:45 i is also really good . This noise art seems to be ordered and well done, but sometimes irritating, (so i think it was suposed to be), and the last one really hurts my ears

rhino - out of bristol

Really good work with percussions and voices

Someoneelse - Someoneelses problem

I dont get this one , sorry

trance miriad - eureka

Agree MfM, good trance I also like this kind of music, but the eureka voice becomes to repetitive in my head

A whole moose was being carried by a goose shot dead by rolemusic

From Taika-Kim on 10.04.2005, 13:26:


Angelus - Tempus Fugit: I don't like that plucked sound in the beginning too much... That crystalline bell is nice. The vocals sound very nice, and I always like when people make their own samples. Could have been even longer, maybe bring some different B part or something.
verdict: 1 point for the sampling. people, do your own samples! it's fun!

Jimmy Casper - Pluster1: Sounds like some music concrete a lot. could be much more developed though...

Lastfuture - Triton: Some nice sounds, but a very short piece... Love those triangles. Instrument 01 really misbehaves and makes loud pops all the time on my computer?

Liquidboy - Treadmill: Hilarious samples Very funny... That bassline gets on my nerves after a while...

MfM - Travel through time - I was a lot into scenemusic also some 10 years back... That lead around 1:40 is SO Amiga The snare might be a bit brighter. And that crash has a weird degraded sound that hurts my ears a bit. Very well executed, clearly
there is a lot of work put into this one. lots of portamentos and melodies, nice, nice. And I also respect people who can
keep their patterns so well organized %-) Had a nice song structure and also of nice length, not too long or short. And there
was enough variation. Too bad only that I'm not so fond of this kind of music anymore :/
verdict: 3 points

Nolwenn - Voyage aux enfers du siecle - I'm not usually noise but this had some veeery nice tricks. quite extreme
Verdict: 1 points for taking Psycle to the limits

Rhino - Out of Bristol: Loooovely ethnic vibes! Altough there's not much Psycle here, mostly samples, the track is so nice
I've gotta give this high marks! Hmm where are those samples from? Sounds like the Heart of Africa to me. That minor part around 2:40
verdict: 2 points

Rolemusic - Good boys don't take pills - Hmm I'm super critical about goa so please bear with me The kick is weak and the precussions could be crisper and more varied. I'm not a fan of these faux-eastern type melodies either, they always give me a headache.
Goa/psy lives and dies by the sounds and textures, and there's a lot to be improved here. But I LOVED those Encens-type basslines after 2:30! I always thought Feedme has the best filters of all Psycle plugs. Somehow Sublime just doesn't sound the same...

Sampler - Lenguaje Nativo - That deranged melody in the beginning is just ACE! Also that PWM bass is nice. Takes a while to get going and the same melodies are looped for quite a long time in the beginning. Hmm nice, but not really my thing. Those reverbs are a bit heavy and tend to smudge the sonic image a bit.

Someone Else - Someoneelse's problem - Somebody is trying to sound punk here? Hmm. Well there's a lot of hidden
patterns, that's always nice

Tox - Ant Work - Very nice sounds. Good use of the filters & feedback. Nice drums too. A very good and atmospherical tune. I predict that this one will be the winner
verdict: 3. this is just the best of these...

So I gave 3,3,2,1,1, The two that I liked best, a good runner-up and two special mentions if you want to see it that way...

From MfM on 10.04.2005, 14:38:


yeah! that's cool ...a lot of reviews thanks to everybody ,never seen so many comments in a compo ...great!!


From sampler on 10.04.2005, 19:25:


Thanks all reviewers from me too.

Don't forget listening other ppl oppinions about your songs is always very important.

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

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