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From [JAZ] on 27.02.2005, 12:21:

  Psycle Status February 2005

This is a quick update on the Development Status of Psycle up to February 2005.

Several of the news reported here were already posted in other threads in the tech board or said in the #psycle IRC channel, so this only remains as an official anouncement.

1) Psycle Development is not stopped. Actually, it is quite active since January.

Sampler joined the developers' team and is making small modifications (we hope that with time, he can please us with nice new features!).

Myself, [JAZ] (or JosepMa), returned to coding after one year of semi idling.

2) Development since last stable release has gone alot further.Here is a list of the most important changes:

  • Finished the refactoring of the source code to true C++: cleaner internally, but no visible changes for the users (bohan & magnus). This also includes recoding the open source native plugins.
  • rewriting of the native and vst plugin hosts with better exception (error) handling(bohan & magnus). This also implies a new machineinterface.h (called plugin_interface.hpp)
  • several new plugins ( stk* , haas SDelay, SChorus..)
  • Improvements in the machine editor and pattern editor (example: creation/drag of wires with right mouse button)
  • New Sampler machine on the go, plus correct importing of XM, IT and S3M modules.

3) About this last point, the source is based on Satoshi Fujiwara's XMSampler from PsycleWTL fork.
It is already playing all three formats quite acceptably, but several effects need to be implemented/fixed. Also, some IT specific things (channel volume/panning) are missing aswell.
About the GUI, (user interface), it is almost missing.

4) Once the coding in XMSampler is finished, the work will continue on improving the VSThost ( several VST plugins have been reported to work worse or not at all. Part of the reason could be the upgrade of it to version 2.3 without actually supporting the new functionality ).

5) And once this is completed, you can expect a new release.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

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