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From MfM on 31.01.2005, 14:15:

  formation new group


Well,we actually are two guys from South Italy,I and a friend of mine DREAWLK, we love to make music by modern tracker …I obviously with PSYCLE and DREAWLK with RENOISE. So this website was founded around the last half of september 2004, when we met ourselves, on #modarchive channel on irc.esper.net, so we decided to put ours music in to this experience, as to share it with others as to have more visibility.

Let your sing on “quick message”…

Hope you like it


From DMNXS on 01.02.2005, 19:02:


So THAT'S what Track3z means ... I thought it was some alternative alias :oops: ...

From MfM on 01.02.2005, 19:51:


eheh, oh no its the name of the project


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