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From sampler on 20.04.2005, 09:06:



Congratulations to Rhino! A great and lovely song

Congratulations to everyone who has participated too.

ToX has made a gooood job thank you mate.

Well, 5th position is not bad for me taking into account is my first compo and we could only use native machines and the most important thing, i made this song not so cheesy on purpose, i wanted to make something a bit different and a bit original and that has its disadvantages.

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From TranceMyriad on 20.04.2005, 10:57:


ah! Tox is biased!...jk.....well done Rhino...thanks for collating the votes, Tox

well done everyone!



From Rhino on 20.04.2005, 13:20:


Thanks guys! Glad you liked my song, I worked pretty hard on it. The general standard of songs was top notch - great competition.

music back-catalogue at:

From someone else on 20.04.2005, 15:50:


Hey, I like the p/v rating... gets me third place

thanks Tox and everybody else here, it was good fun...

From MfM on 20.04.2005, 18:15:


yeah...3rd positon for me ..i'm happy ,thanks to all the voters and to ToX for his good job.
congratulations to the winner (rhino) great track ...
mmm...again on the same position with taika ..

ksn:now you can insert the chart in the right place!

see ya !!


From RaZ on 26.05.2005, 08:47:


There's a huge amount of dead links. And also please add links for the top5 songs in this compo in the news post.


From Taika-Kim on 30.05.2005, 20:42:


Hmm, aren't all the trax here?: http://psycle.free.fr/compos/2005-02/

From MfM on 30.05.2005, 22:59:


Original by Taika-Kim
Hmm, aren't all the trax here?: http://psycle.free.fr/compos/2005-02/



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