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From MfM on 18.02.2005, 21:22:


oooh...i just downloaded the new taika's track....and i'm very impressed by the frequency with which this guy submit his own songs here!!

good taika!!


From Taika-Kim on 20.02.2005, 16:26:


Just to avoid confusion: Valo, voima ja vapaus is not for the compo, it's +-50mb of samples

I'm having truckloadks of inspiration lately. Just still not enough time. Lousy social life, can't just sit on front of my computer & Psycle all the time :/

From MfM on 25.02.2005, 19:47:


hey guys 5 songs for the compo and 4 days left... i think we must add some weeks ....


From ToX on 25.02.2005, 20:14:


No problem for me for adding weeks

How many ?

Psyclers , go go go !!

From MfM on 26.02.2005, 15:37:


mmmMM i think ....2 weeks?


From sampler on 26.02.2005, 18:35:


ooooops, only 4 days? i'd like to add a song i'm working on
Yes, more weeks please.

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From DMNXS on 26.02.2005, 20:14:


Yes! More time!!! (please)

From someone else on 26.02.2005, 22:03:


me too....

From ToX on 27.02.2005, 20:44:


Ok Wait & see when everybody will have finished their songs

Psyclers , go go go !!

From Taika-Kim on 27.02.2005, 21:51:


Mm I'm having one coming up, it's 95% finished now... It's about 3.2 mb, gotta lose some of the samples or something

From MfM on 03.03.2005, 22:16:


Original by ToX
Ok Wait & see when everybody will have finished their songs

yes but we would have to know how many ppl have intention to participate!!


From DMNXS on 05.03.2005, 01:36:


I have something starterd but haven't had all too many ideas recently... I will finish it someday .

From ToX on 06.03.2005, 00:16:


Are there remaining ppl remaining except taika and dmnx ??

Psyclers , go go go !!

From MfM on 06.03.2005, 10:32:


oh yes this is what i would to know....so we can start the voting .


sign here your name and approximately the days we need ....


From someone else on 06.03.2005, 13:03:


I have a piece, but it's still not presentable and I have been ridiculously busy lately.... I might get a chance to get it up to standard in the next few days, then again I might not... so don't wait for me

From Angelus on 06.03.2005, 21:58:


I'm ready


(???)Oo. X( :( :| :) :)) :D .cC(Psycle!)

From Taika-Kim on 06.03.2005, 22:27:


OK, I'm uploading mine in about 30min so I'm done also!

From JimmyCasper on 06.03.2005, 22:29:


Wet a pinute, dont forgett the JAZZY touch of Jimmy "Da suceful Antilope machouille" Casper

I am ready for this , hey hey , 2 unlimitiede

A U T, pas A U D

pluster !!! pluster !!!

From MfM on 07.03.2005, 17:30:


well,we are now 11 ...i think it's time to vote!

OK...i propose to stop the submission ,sunday 13 march

..so we can start voting from 13 march to sunday 3 april(3 weeks )

i'm waiting for reply


From MfM on 07.03.2005, 17:53:


oooh...i made a new thread for the reviews/comments about the compo songs.



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