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From Tao on 20.11.2001, 13:57:

Join #psycle IRC channel


Don't hesitate to join Psycle IRc channel on Efnet.

.brrr....How can I join?

Easy !
just grab an irc client, i.e Mirc(get it here , join an efnet server(irc.isdnet.fr, irc.homeline.no, irc.demon.co.uk etc.) by typing /server+server adress(the ones mentioned just before) on the main window.
then type /join #psycle.
U're in!!

Cya there



From Pikari on 20.11.2001, 19:53:

.brrr....How can I join?

You can also use "irc chat" link. (just take a look to left )


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