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From Seraph on 21.11.2004, 05:05:

  Good VSTs for techno/trance

Just wondering, does anyone know what some good VST plugins for techno and/or trance are? I've been looking for some good ones, and about the best I've found is Synth1, which still isn't too great. I'm looking for what I guess could be called a "hard" synth, something similar to what you might hear from The Crystal Method or Juno Reactor. Even something for dance, like in Zombie Nation's "Kern Kraft 400". That's a stupid description, but maybe I've made my point.

Belvar was pretty close to what I mean with "Drugie Puti".

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From TranceMyriad on 21.11.2004, 08:57:


polyIblit's pretty good....



From MfM on 21.11.2004, 12:35:


try this two free plugins:

CLAW: http://www.refx.net/downloads/Claw/Claw_1.0.zip

SUPERWAVE-P8: http://home.btconnect.com/christopherg/superwave-p8-16.zip



From Hakyoku Seiken on 21.11.2004, 14:59:



Try these two. I think you'll like them...and they have a pretty low hit on the CPU...

Haven't used them in psycle yet, though....

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From TranceMyriad on 22.11.2004, 02:06:


has anyone found any free TS404-type clones, with the really clean filter (like the TS404 version in Fruityloops) ?



From Kriko on 22.11.2004, 17:27:


For trance, Lallapallooza lite (by Buzzroom) sounds quite nice...


(...but, like Superwave it's been made with Synthedit so (unless the latest Psycles have changed behaviour) it might crash Psycle every now and then.)

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From Seraph on 23.11.2004, 05:11:

Asking for help here never fails, does it? Thanks a lot, I appreciate it. I've tried all them now, and they're all great. Especially Superwave, (even though yes, it does crash Psycle once in a while). Thanks again.

LX Industries - The innnocent shall suffer.

From r2101 on 19.12.2004, 07:39:


iblit & polyiblit are in my opinion the best deals on analog emulation... nothing flashy but if you care about soundquality they are almost perfect. in comparism to other va-softsynths there´s no aliasing, sound is powerful on its own etc.
polyiblit tends to eat cpu for breakfast ....

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