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From MfM on 08.11.2004, 15:32:


Well,I writed this because I’d like to see more reviews on the new site,maybe people are not so induced with the current psytunesboard so I decided to explain my idea!
One page with all included: review,download section,info and others….
Ok,I divided the page in four section:TRACKS INFO,ARTIST COMMENTS , REVIEWS,DOWNLOAD.

The FIRST one ‘tracks info’:here there are all the info about the song like:composer name,song title,genre,total download and so on…

SECOND ‘artist comments’:here the artists can write what they want about his own song and about the plugins used.

THIRD ‘reviews’:here the list of all the reviews for that song and the score for each one.

FOUR ‘download’:here people will be able to download psy and/or mp3/ogg files knowing the file size before downloading and directly by clicking on a button without open other pages(like in the current one download section).

Detailed structure of each one:


-artist name:
-song name:
-added on:
-total psy download:
-total mp3/ogg download:
-last download:
-overall rating:


-simply a comment by the author, for example:

I’ve used for this one :native ,samples and vst.
Here the list of vst:
-mda piano

and so on……


-Track-Reviews list ,for example:

Review by:MfM on 15 november 2004 ///rating : 7,5

-yeah very good song ,I like your style and blaaah blahh…..


Here two buttons for downloading psy or mp3/ogg version:

DOWNLOADING .psy (856kb) //// DOWNLOADING .mp3 (6787 kb)

Well,this is my idea,I hope we like it and I’m waiting for comments…..


From heatseeker on 08.11.2004, 20:32:


Hi MfM !

you just read in my mind
This is how will be the sections:

The musics will be listed by DATE, or SIZE or NAME etc... a little like today.
And, on each member profile page, there will be a list of his/her own musics.

When you will upload a music file, you will only upload a url (we don't have enough disk space at the moment to host the files).
The difference will be that a song will have multiple TYPES (when you upload/update a song, you can speciify the .PSY url, the .MP3 url too at once).

I agree about the reviews of the other artists, but i disagree about the song rates. I will have to speak about it with ksn but if i remember well, we've already discussed about it, and it's something we didn't want to see for the moment.

Otherwise, the memebr/files/musics sections are totally rewritten. It will be easier to find a song, or a post of someone.

The only real BIG problem is the server speed.

thank you for your comments MfM. It helps.

2 whisky valent mieux qu'1 !

From MfM on 09.11.2004, 00:19:


Oh! Very good…..I'm a wizard,eheheh
Anyway I’m always glad to give my contribution to this site.
Concerning the rating: yes, in fact I agree with you!!
….now I’m very curious to see this page…

good work HT, see ya!!



From sampler on 09.11.2004, 09:07:


I'd only like to see a thing concerning songs, a page that list all songs and have all links for each song. I don't want to go inside each song and then click on the link. You know what i mean??

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From heatseeker on 09.11.2004, 15:05:


i know what you mean sampler .
it will be done

2 whisky valent mieux qu'1 !

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