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From Angelus on 09.09.2004, 13:40:

  Should be Windows free?

All we know that an OS is basic for computer use: It's the medium between computer and user.

But when an OS wins 95% of all the computers around the world, don't you think that governmental authorities would have to take part in this subject?

Windows should be free, in the same way that Linux is. A real OS without add-ons (It should be as it was the old MSDOS).


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From sampler on 09.09.2004, 15:10:


really hard and complex question...

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From stirkovic on 09.09.2004, 20:41:


I think the whole situation is evolving, with loads of companies switching to open source Windows alternatives. With any luck Microsoft will rethink their OS strategy. Do they really need to charge so much? and building Internet Explorer and Outlook Express into windows (instead of being add on programs) was a REALLY bad idea. They might as well have put in a 'click here to hack this computer' button...

From FingerSoup on 09.09.2004, 21:31:


I don't mind paying for an OS, I just have a problem with paying $300 CDN per computer for it... if it were a one time charge of $70 CDN or so, I'd be happy...

The fact is, government intervention in pricing would be just as wrong as Microsoft overcharging. If people are willing to pay $300 for Windows, that's fine. If not, use Linux. But for the government to regulate one OS and no others, then that's unfair business practice...

I thought you beat the inevitability of death to death, just a little bit...

From Angelus on 10.09.2004, 09:46:


With "governmental authorities would have to take part in this subject" I meant that they should promote the use of Free and/or Open Source OS into Institutions, and to end-users.

Here, in Spain, there is a regional government (Extremadura) that has made a Linux Distribution for its purpouses, and it's downloadable from the internet for all (www.linex.org).

With "windows free" I mean that it should be a colaboration between software-developers nad PC-component-manufacturers (Intel, AMD, motherboard-developers, graphics-card developers, ....), like an Experts Group, to make an OS-distribution free as Linux is .

Personally, it gives much fear me to use an operating system that is into the hands of a single company... with that relation that M$ has with its government.


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