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From deathbleep on 20.07.2004, 15:55:

  eternal note

this might be a dumb question, but i'm new to this. my problem is that if i want a note to last a bit longer, and i do this with 'volenv sustain' button, it sounds ok if i play it, but when i put the sound in the pattern thing and press play it just keeps going on and on, and never stops, why is this?


From [JAZ] on 20.07.2004, 20:07:


A volume envelope define an attack delay (volume to max), a decay time (volume down to sustain point), the sustain point (a value where it stays while no note-off is issued), and a release delay (time to stop the sound).

For this to work, there are two necessary events, a note on, and a note off.

Psycle automatically sends a note off when you left the key in the machine view, but when you enter one note in the pattern, just the note on is put. You have to send the note off which is, by default, in the button "1" (the one in the letters keyboard) and a "off" symbol is added to indicate that.

there is also an effect to stop a note with delay, but i won't discuss this here

have fun

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

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