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From [JAZ] on 18.07.2004, 19:27:

  Some new sources in the CVS

This is just a small announcement to notify that (finally!) I've uploaded Kriscee's Psycle's source into the sourceforge CVS repository so anyone is now able to use them and improve if needed. ( under psycle2_multisequence branch ) It is compilable just under MSVC 7.x.

I've tested it a bit, and it needs work.

First, as you might know, the fileformat is not exactly the same, and you cannot load current .psy's correctly. This should be the first step to fix, since when we changed the fileformat in psycle 1.7, we already put support for multisequence and there's really no reason why it couldn't load old songs. (of course, this doesn't mean that it has to know how to reorder the patterns, but could be an addition too).

Second, the GUI needs work, the multisequence is in constant redrawing and is therefore, slow. Something like the pattern view should be done for the sequence (this is the "maybe" difficult part). Other than that, it's functionality is acceptable.

Also, you cannot play a pattern if it is not in a sequence (like in buzz), which makes working on patterns a bit of a hassle. Also, the now "pattern list" (ex-sequence) needs rework. First, you need to move the cursor in the pattern sequence view to change the patterns in there, but you would like to change them when you're in the pattern view.
Finally clicking on it has the old behaviour of moving the sequence to that position, which is no longer the real thing.

There might be some other small things but this is all i've seen in a small test.

This branch is not going to receive much attention, but it can be good for testing multisequence approaches. Still, the player core is tick based (tracker), not event based (sequencer), so it won't be used for future versions.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

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