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From mastazi on 26.06.2004, 13:31:


Don't know if somebody already asked about this feature... I would like to load .fxp in a vst instrument hosted by psycle.
With machine presets dialog i can only load .fxb and .prs (so it seems to me). Can i convert fxp to prs or something like this?
Sorry for my bad english.

From nolwenn on 01.07.2004, 01:50:


Psycle needs a real fxp/fxb import/export (there are many message about that in the forum !) it seems that the "fxb/fxp" format is very mysterious...

The only thing you can do by now is convert fxp to fxb in another sequencer and try to import it (et esperer ne pas prendre un "chunk bank not supported" !)

good luck !

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