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From ksn on 30.04.2004, 14:28:

  new version Psycle 1.7.6 discussion

if you have comments, questions, bug reports etc... please post here !

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From tomaes on 30.04.2004, 16:39:


Is it just me, or does load/save not work at all?!

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From alk on 30.04.2004, 17:02:


it works for me.. what happens?

From tomaes on 30.04.2004, 17:17:


Well, basically, nothing happens. The load/save dialogs don't show up.

My suspicion is that it has something to do with msvc7.1. vs. win98/me. Can any win98/me user confirm the load/save issue? (I have the same problem with the multipattern version, yet version 1.7.4. still works fine...).

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From alk on 30.04.2004, 18:45:


sounds like a valid theory.. anyone else using win98?

From tomaes on 01.05.2004, 10:51:


Obviously not. Either that or just noone cares but me. Anyway, I really like to see this fixed. Just create a test-build with some error checking when calling the load/save dialogs (load/save song + load/save themes, I just noticed that wave load/save works, so it should be quite easy to see what's going wrong...).

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From Beer Incorperated on 01.05.2004, 14:03:


Ow come on, not everyone is a forum junkie. I'm sure there's a lot more ppl who use psycle and don't visit this site each day....

Really you can't expect them to reply in just a few hours..

United Trackers

From [JAZ] on 01.05.2004, 14:40:


Tried under Wine (Linux).

Seems that this release is usable there (Well... i disabled the vu-meters to gain some speed, bohan's plugin's (old internal) are not loaded and I haven't tried with VST's, which some might not work).

And there, the load dialog pops up (of course, the wine one, not the windows one). Anyway, it could be that in windows 98 it doesn't work 100%. (for the same reason that bohan's plugins are not loaded).

Edit: The load/save wave dialog is a different one than the load/save song. that's why one works and the other doesn't.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

From alk on 01.05.2004, 14:53:


the ONLY difference is the project is now msvc7.1 (used to be msvc6), apparently msvc7.1 generates binaries that are w98 incompatible, isn't that nice! (you'd better buy a new OS from msoft).. anyway I'm installing w98 as I type, I'll get to the bottom of it..


From tomaes on 01.05.2004, 15:20:


Thanks, alk. (btw, you can't just use the same load/save dialogs, which are used for the instruments and that work...?)

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From kSh on 01.05.2004, 21:46:


Great to know that people talking about Psycle's death were wrong! Great to know that Alk has joined the devs and they all pushed Psycle in the correct direction (MSVS.NET and such).
Still 1.7.6 is no revolution. I'm glad you disabled the buggy volume slider bar but it's just SO ugly when left broken. I would just disable the ability to click on the main 'Psycle' machine. You could do that but first there should be a digital level indicator (and the checkbox to automatically decrease gain if clipping) next to the main volume slider in the VU meter area.
But maybe that's just me. It's nothing really

Still I cry for the multisequencer (the one exactly pointed out by JAZ, exactly as he described it).

And... could you make the save progress on the status bar or somewhere where it wouldn't steal focus and break sound? And the autosave should check if the file isn't being just saved (as far as I remember 1.7.4 wasn't doing that and occassionally you were left with corrupt files because of it).

Oh, yeah, and one more sweet little thing: logarythmic interpolation.

Hail the devs.


Not reborn, yet different.

From kvaksha on 01.05.2004, 22:15:


Works fine under WinMe
Though some VSTi's settings (Vivaldi et al) are still not saved:-(

From alk on 02.05.2004, 13:53:


I need a bootable win98 cd to test with.. (must be bootable)

From RudiBenSilesi on 02.05.2004, 19:53:


Unfortunately Psycle isn' t able to handle the Vst-PlugIn Ganymed right... When saving a song, the preset will not be saved... The same bug appears with the well-known PlugIn Crystal... Would be nice to have this fixed ;-)


From alk on 03.05.2004, 00:38:


i'll have a look (not promising tho :p) I've only learnt c++ for the first time 4 weeks ago =)

From Taika-Kim on 04.05.2004, 02:44:


The new version crashes quite a lot...

I have now been working maybe 4 hours on my compo tune, and had Psycle crash at least 10 times... All native machines of course, 1.7.4 was more stable I think.

Sorry no errormessages, logs or anything, I'm so tired at this point of night gotta get some sleep...

Or maybe there's something wrong with my hardware??

From js on 04.05.2004, 06:07:


Yes, I had exactly the same problem with windows 98, I could'nt load or save anything, so I had to reinstall the previous version!

Synth1 and Psycle, what more could someone ask for ?

From alk on 04.05.2004, 11:59:


I know the problem with 98 now, just have to do the fix :o it's shouldn't be a problem but it means adding the MSLU to the project (harder than it sounds )

taika, more crashes? hmm. anyone else find it crashes more? (I don't!)

btw, there are know crashes with natives (in all versions) unfortunately. e.g. m3 (and a couple more I can't remember)

From Taika-Kim on 04.05.2004, 20:00:


I think I had at least Plucked String & Sond Synth crash, and then some delay.dll I believe... I think Windows XP might have done some logs, but I don't remember where they are stored.

From alk on 05.05.2004, 09:43:


Good news! Despite micro$oft's best efforts, and thanks to international computing Psycle now works in winblows 95,98 and ME

You can try out the bleeding edge here -> http://psycle.sourceforge.net

A release will be following shortly..

(Btw. if you're wondering about the 'international' reference, we had a virtual 98SE machine running in Edinburgh while a super-talented French hacker remotely worked the system over the night to fix the msoft 'feature'! )

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