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From Taika-Kim on 23.06.2004, 11:13:


Thihi! I've always wanted to be a maaaaaaaad skientichzt!!

Gotta check out the entries soon... Can't do it now, I'm in a kind of a confused mood and can't concentrate very much on anything %-/ (oh yes, it's a girl! woo-hoo!)

About the sounds on my tracK:
I'm happy with everything else but the kick & bass... Just CAN'T get a quality kick out of Psycle, and the bass isn't so great either... Also the percussions are quite bland, just couldn't make myself use any more energy on this one than I already did. I've made a better versions with sampled percussions, a good thumping kick & some orchestral sounds since I played at a party a while ago and wanted to give the audience the best Psycle generators are good, but there are definitely limits... Should have gone to more experimental directions, but what can a man do, being a dance musician at heart ?-)

From Taika-Kim on 24.06.2004, 20:00:


I gave the tunes a listen today, and FUCK, JESUS!!!! The quality is high this time!!

Seriously, I was so _totally_ dumbfounded (is that a real word even??) by the wonderful melodies and emotions in these tracks!

The percussions were ok at best, mostly, but song-wise ALL the productions were very good. This compo beats the hell out of all the old compos!!

I love you guys!!! You are so damn good!! Wow!

AndyK - Is this the lost Equinoxe chapter?-) Very good Jarre-style!

DMNXS - Hmm, not my cup of tea, but nice anyway: sounds like broken industrial machinery, mmmm Many generators are on mute/bypass etc on loadup, is this intentional?

Druttis - You sure can use your own synths! The portamento right at the beginning brought me almost to tears! Wowwowow! The melodies are brilliant, I use that same scale in many of my tunes. The song structure could use some more tricks & variation, but the melodies, octave-bass, transposes & all make up for it all. The singing voices rock. Can I make a remix sometime?? There are so many of my favourite elements in this track, what else can I but love this?!

FunTOM - Nice distantly Commodore-ish sound... Not my favourite, but very beautiful melodies anyway.

Heatseeker - Holy god. This one rocks! Distorted aziiiiied, squeeking portamentos, funky transposes. Wow man you are talented! 1:23 I'm getting afloat!!!! Shit! How good can this music be?
I would love to see an extended remix sometime... Hmm win wink

KSH - Very beautiful, occidental sound... Very nice small tune.

MfM - Ooo I love this! Very emotional epic song. Maybe a _bit_ too long, could have used some more variation... Still, one of my favourites! Veeery good! Also a clever way to make stereo volume columns

Rhino - Definitely catches a mood, just somehow doesn't work for me. Quite long, but then again, this is the kind of music that would probably work very well as a background for one of those nights when the thoughts just keep you awake...

Vardoger - Nice to see somebody give a go at modern psy. Hmm. A bit of GMS, a bit of Cosmosis, an ounce of Hallucinogen and a trifle of Finnish-style psy (the bassline mainly)
Thumbs up! Veery nice sounds. I like this a lot! Much more fun than the usual full-on-gms-style but still remains faithful to that certain party vibe... Not so maxxed-out dynamics/frequency response-wise than commercial stuff, but that isn't a bad thing necessarily.

Taika-Kim - Hmm I realised that if I play my track after listening to Vardogers at 96khz many sounds will go haywire, even if I have changed back to 44.1... Bleh, really sucky bass & kick anyway on my track, 2 bad Love that high-end sparkly madness that's going on almost all the time

Ok. Back to business. I'm trying to make a new track for the summer solstice! C ya!

It's gonna be a hard decision between Heatseeker, MfM & Druttis... And maybe Vardoger & AndyK too... Hmm, gotta give this one a few nights sleep.

From Rhino on 28.06.2004, 15:27:


The main trouble with this and the last few competitions seems to be that the tunes get downloaded in their hundreds, but in the end only about 20 people vote.
Surely the same people can't be downloading the same tune dozens of times

music back-catalogue at:

From Beer Incorperated on 28.06.2004, 15:49:


In my case some songs are too cpu intensive and trying to render them to wave make Psycle crash . Others crash when playing them in Psycle..

So it's not of not wanting to vote, but I'd have to put in a lot of effort just to be able to hear the songs. I don't have the time or patience to do that currently.

I don't think it's fair to vote when I haven't been able to listen to all of the songs.

United Trackers

From DMNXS on 28.06.2004, 19:32:


Of course, the crashes could always be from Sublime, see tech forum.

From MfM on 29.06.2004, 11:16:


Original by Beer Incorperated
In my case some songs are too cpu intensive and trying to render them to wave make Psycle crash . Others crash when playing them in Psycle..

So it's not of not wanting to vote, but I'd have to put in a lot of effort just to be able to hear the songs. I don't have the time or patience to do that currently.

I don't think it's fair to vote when I haven't been able to listen to all of the songs.

....listen to the mp3 and vote for the one you think it's the best song!!!


From MfM on 29.06.2004, 20:19:


Ok! at last I can write something about the songs of this compo.
I noticed with a lot of happiness that the skill of the participants has really improved, considering we are talking about a 'native compo'!
There are less participants than for the previous compo’s, however the level it's very high, therefore congratulations to everybody!

ANDYK-calm dawn:
sincerely a too simple song, however well done and very melodic, it could be better with some modification… anyway good track!!

oh, this in not my kind of music, I remember when I was sixteen and listening to hard-core… but hey… this is really more aggressive!!! anyway it’s an original song… and hey guy keep it up if this is your kind of music and always propose it !!!

who better than him could use his own plug-in? beautiful song structures and melodies especially in the intro… wow!!! but also in this case nothing very original, however pleasant!!
(I used many times for my compo tune –sublime-… congratulations, it’s a very great plug-in)

FUNTOM-journey to unknown:
the style of this track reminds me of songs for amiga demos, very small tune but nice…!!

HEATSEEKER-versatile brain:
certainly one of the most beautiful song in the compo, even if it doesn't offer anything new! a classical song in pure HT style, with very beautiful melodies and excellent atmosphere. Good!

this is certainly a beautiful song, however I think something is missing….the style is the same as the ’90s compo tune!

rhino aka -COMPOMAN- this guy comes out only for the compo, why?... anyway… original, beautiful and really well done. Beautiful atmosphere and melodies… excellent job rhino, congratulations!!!

mmm good song, as usual taika gives us a brilliant sound. But I think this tune it's a step lower considering his capabilities, especially in the melodies!! Anyway for me one of the best track in the compo!!!

VARDOGER-honeymoon in Kabul:
one of the songs that impressed me for the synth, almost done with a single machine-M3-! Beautiful, really beautiful… gooooood for techno tracks!!
Maybe the song it’s a bit too repetitive but it’s very very nice, congratulations!!

For what concerns my tune in the compo, I won’t write anything, I don't like to comment my own songs, I prefer the others do that… therefore I’m waiting…


[B] red


From Taika-Kim on 30.06.2004, 09:23:


Funny, I think that the melodies I wrote for my new song are better than anything I've done in ages.

Phew, this was a hard vote. But it seems that I'm in agreement with the rest of us, about who wrote the best music this time

From Rhino on 02.07.2004, 11:38:


MfM - Thanks for your comments. why do I only come out at compo's? It's because I'm lazy. Compo's are good because they force me to sit down and write something and, more importantly, finish it! I've got dozens of unfinished tunes lying around, but then I'm sure everyone here does.
You're tune is great (although very melancholy!) - nice production although I think it could have benifitted from softer sounding bass drum and snare. Good stuff.

music back-catalogue at:

From ksn on 02.07.2004, 16:14:


Rhino, for me, the frequency of your visits and releases here is ok as far as the songs you submit here are this good !

@ksniod on twitter

From MfM on 02.07.2004, 19:51:


HEY Taika,maybe I wasn't very satisfying in my reviews…(very too short)… and sometimes this is not good!!!
The melodies of your new song are certainly very good and technically excellent,but I think missing a main melody easy to be remembered…for example like in : Kaapio-saaren_salaisuuks and Treshold of Trascendescence!!!
I hope that you understood what I meant…
I don't know whether you agree with me…anyway I didn't want to say that the melodies of your new song aren't good….many times I can't translate what I want really to say….I'm not very good in English (aaargghh!!!!)….. I think in these case I should be silent!!!!!

-greetings #Francesco#


From Taika-Kim on 03.07.2004, 18:11:


No need to stress about this

I wasn't going for an anthemic sound this time but instead just let the tune wander completely free where ever it wanted... Just changing time signatures and feelings as it felt right. And the same goes for the sounds.

But it's true, everybody loves Kääpiösaaren Salaisuus because of the lead melody...

I'm a bit bored with my sound and I've thought about migrating to EnergyXT for change. Just do some songs mostly in hardware (the few pieces I own...), tweak some knobs and just in general try to make some progress in the way I write music. New ideas, new ways to think, that sort of stuff

I've got at least one track coming from Psycle, and then, I dunno. I've got lots going on in my life so I think it will be some time before I'll do new Psycle tracks, especially if I'll start to practice composing with EnergyXT.

Too bad. It would be fun to just sit @ home and write trax all day, but sadly there is just so much time to divide between the things & people you love and care about :/

From Rhino on 04.07.2004, 21:47:


ksn - thanks for your comments, dude. Too kind!
And thanks to all the Psycledelics who make all this possible by making and maintaining this Fantastic tracker and site.

music back-catalogue at:

From kSh on 06.07.2004, 23:28:


Oh that is just great It's 06.07. and we have as many as 15 votes... What a shame...

Shame on you, Psycledelics...

Anyone can vote, why not do it? Is the active Psycle community really THAT small?


Not reborn, yet different.

From Rhino on 07.07.2004, 23:41:


Original by kSh

Anyone can vote, why not do it? Is the active Psycle community really THAT small?

That's a good question. How many members are there in total and how many unique visitors does this site get a day/week on average? Anyone know? ksn?

music back-catalogue at:

From ksn on 08.07.2004, 09:35:


Original by Rhino
How many members are there in total and how many unique visitors does this site get a day/week on average? Anyone know? ksn?

between 200 and 300 visits a day on average (far more when new versions are released, and very rarely less than 200).
this counts visitors with a 2 hours cache (meaning if you visit the site à 8 and revisit at 9:45, only one visit is counted)

concerning the votes number : this has always been deceptivly low.
i think many people are lurking around, but quite few have a real implication. this has always been like this, i don't know if it's the opensource status or what, people tend to download Psycle, sometimes ask for help, but rarely go further.

@ksniod on twitter

From MfM on 08.07.2004, 15:12:


Yes…in every compo the number of votes is always low!!!!
I remember that in compo#3 taika kim won with 6 or 8 votes(if I’m not wrong!)
But the best compo was the #4……with about 50 VOTES!!!!!!
Certainly many people(me included) thought what in the future every compo could have 40/50 voting!!!!!
But the reality it's very different…….maybe we must do something……any idea??????


From sampler on 09.07.2004, 09:38:


Promoting Psycle????

Well, making good songs with it, as the ones of the compo, is always a way of promoting Psycle. But more promotion is needed. It's on our hands.

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From Everdene on 10.07.2004, 19:12:


This is my first post here.

About promoting Psycle: you're doing some of the right things.

* Great music is the most important way to promote Psycle. Listen to the compo #5 entries. Wow!

* Writing a manual and tutorials is critical. People who haven't tracked and used buzz before (the majority of musicians) won't know what to with this thing without better documentation. The stuff getting started on wiki is a good start and helped me figure out what I needed to know. I even have Fruityloops and Buzz experience behind me, but because I have no classical tracker experience I couldn't figure out the tracker interface without the new info on the wiki and reading a lot of posts on this board.

* Share it with the world! I can't believe that Buzz and Modplug are so popular when Psycle is freely available.

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.” – Albert Einstein

From DMNXS on 15.07.2004, 21:19:


Man, this is a hard decision... I can narrow down my favourites:
- Honeymoon in Kabul
- Salaiset Kauniit Paikat
- we2

It really is a hard decision...

P.S.: I think the clap in my song is wrong: the lfo should be a reverse sawtooth. And strangely enough, it crashes today no matter what I do... therefor i can't be sure...

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