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From [JAZ] on 28.02.2004, 15:15:

  Psycle Status, February 2003

28 February 2004, almost march.

I know I have given very few news about me and less even about Psycle development lately, so I suppose you've been waiting for this thread for long.

I am not going to say excessively good news though. Psycle has been on halt almost since January. I've got a full-time job+studies and no one has really done code for psycle (there are some changes to midi code by pooplog, some fixes and a bit of the multisequence code by me in the CVS).

At the same time, the guy from the demoscene has continued to make this own tracker with its multisequence and improving the code with ideas from me and his own. He might end having a good engine, but it still has to be seen if this will make his path into Psycle.

Also, that "PsycleWTL" version seems to do interesting progresses... adding volume/effect column and improving the XM importing (and the sampler too, I believe).
In this regard, I am thinking on contacting him and see if it is feasible to convert his version in the main version (of course, retranslating it to english), and maybe lead the development.

I still have to make contacts in this regard, and see which developers do we actually have.

Hope to say something more in the following days

Josep Ma

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

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