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From Michael626 on 04.01.2004, 19:50:

Slide notes


I'm new to Psycle. How do I slide notes when making those TB-303 riffs (I'm using Polyiblit)?


From Pikari on 04.01.2004, 22:17:


Usually you have to play the first note in one column and then play the second note in another one without cutting the first one..

like this:

C-4 -- 01 ---- | ---- -- -- ----
---- -- -- ---- | ---- -- -- ----
---- -- -- ---- | G-4 -- 01 ----
---- -- -- ---- | ---- -- -- ----

This may depend of the machine your using. Dunno

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From gnostik on 06.01.2004, 00:19:



note slide in synthesisers is often called "portamento"

in polyiblit this is in the box near the bottom right hand corner.

the speed setting is usually how long it takes to slide from the first note to the second note.

when you set that up how you like, to sequence it then i think you have to do what pikari said to get psycle to recognise the slide note change.

i think thats what you meant...

have fun

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From DMNXS on 18.01.2004, 02:23:


In Muon Tau it retriggers the note when you have a note on in the same channel. If you have a note on in another channel, however, it slides the note (like Pikari explained) at the speed you set in the VSTi itself (of course ). Dunno whether it's because of Psycle, but I doubt it.

From Taika-Kim on 20.01.2004, 16:54:


I think that legato would be a really useful option that would make doing pitch bends SO much easier in Psycle.

Now Psycle always sends a noteoff before triggering a new note on the same channel, and having to use 2 channels really sucks... If you add a new note to one track, all following notes have to be readjusted.

I don't know what would be the best way.

Dream Station had the legato notes on inverse backgrouond, and the system worked quite well. I would prefer something like this over having to use up a tweak.

For example "shift+note"=legato or "shift+enter" on a note already recorded would toggle legato on/off.


From gnostik on 10.02.2004, 07:03:


i recently started using some of the commercial soft synths (namely native instruments pro-53, fm7 and linplugs albino).

i decided to try out the note slide functions with these, and it seems they work fine without having to put the notes onto different channels.

i have no idea why this is, i just thought i would post it

If you win the rat race, you're still a rat.

bend your thoughts...unveil your soul

From bizarro on 04.08.2006, 17:48:


Hello there (this is my first post )

I have this sliding problem as well. Up to now I always used machine-specific commands to do sliding (or portamento).

Sometimes its enough to use the tweak-command on a "finetune" switch of the machine used (if available).

Sometimes the machines offer a portamento option, which do the job nicely, but it seems to me that some machines, even with that portamento option, are triggering a new note, which is often undesired (especially if you want to make an arpeggio for example while keeping the filter envelope of one note)

So I guess, there is (up to now) no general way to achieve the desired effect. (Am I right?)

So the question is: Is this a design limitation of the machines that a general sliding method is not available, or is it just, that psycle does not offer it? In other words:

When a new note is triggered, i assume that psycle sends information to the machine, like pitch, volume and so on. Isn't it possible to alter these values while the note is playing?

Ok, this is more a tech-question for the programmers, but maybe somebody does know....

Greetings - bizarro

From [JAZ] on 04.08.2006, 22:18:


The plugin API is a bit limited, (it hasn't changed much since Psycle 1.0).

The information that is sent to the machines is simply the pattern entry. the machine has to do all the rest. There is not a basic/common mechanism to talk about slides, volumes.... it's all machine dependant, and that's why it is difficult to use sometimes.

Just like the VSThost is being improved, the native host will go an important change after that, which should allow for more flexibility.

Basically, it was too tracker centric in this regard.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

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