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From kenders on 31.01.2002, 23:25:

  parameter control using twk comands

Hey I was just wondering, i am having troble using the twk command to control the parameters for my vst2 instruments no matter what value i type I cannot get the parameters too change, I was wondering if anyone could help or had any tips!!!

From Pikari on 01.02.2002, 10:46:


Are you sure you use twk command the right way?

It should be

twk pp mm xxxx

mm = generator's number (in hex) or effect's number if you're using "twf" (tweak effect) command

pp = number of the parameter you want to change (in hex)

xxxx = new value of the parameter

There are some tweaking demo songs on the songs section. They might help you.

Cheers, Pik

Pik - the master of short and unclear messages.

From ksn on 01.02.2002, 11:02:


- How to know the right value?

Psycle: With a Psycle Plugin, you need to specify the exact value that the indicated
knob will get. You can now it moving the knob to the desired position and
right click over the parameter to open the "Tweaking" dialog. Then, the value
of that knob in that position will be shown. Remember that you have to convert
the value given to an hex value.

VST: As opposite to Psycle plugins, VST plugins have a fixed 0..FFFF range. 0 is the
smallest, and FFFF is the biggest value.

it's taken from tweaking and commands.txt , available in your docs subfolder, or on this site, in the docs section

i hope this can help


@ksniod on twitter

From kenders on 01.02.2002, 17:10:


Cheers guys! I was using tweak effect instead of tweak instrument DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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