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From Taika-Kim on 28.11.2003, 15:09:


Let's definitely do the zip! I have a ton of stuff in my track already, and it's about 24kb

From ksn on 28.11.2003, 16:17:


a zip will be made with the collection of all the entries

@ksniod on twitter

From dilvie on 28.11.2003, 23:12:


That's a good plan.


From liquid boy on 07.12.2003, 10:11:


*yes* (like mr burns...)


From FingerSoup on 08.12.2003, 00:16:


Original by liquid boy
*yes* (like mr burns...)

I believe the word you were looking for was:


I thought you beat the inevitability of death to death, just a little bit...

From liquid boy on 08.12.2003, 02:24:


well, actually, i did mean "yes" (i heard him say it a few time s on the simpsons)....

but excelent (or "exactly" - like homer trying to be mr burns) is good too


From FingerSoup on 08.12.2003, 03:00:


Someone needs to make an emoticon for the Mr. Burns hand gesture....

I thought you beat the inevitability of death to death, just a little bit...

From alk on 08.12.2003, 05:50:


hello :>

i finally decided to enter ;)

I don't know if you've already said anything about this ksn, I think its a good idea to have all entries downloadable in one voting pack, much less hassle for voters


( hmm must finish quick before deadline :o) damn exams :P )

EDIT: /me looks up XD

From Taika-Kim on 08.12.2003, 15:09:


Aww, this is a tough spot! I have about 50% of the tune ready, and all the deadlines here at the 'uni happen to coincide with the compo's... Well. Just hafta roll up my sleeves and work tougher, then.

Composing psy-only has been tremendous fun! I have dug deeper into the native synths than never before, and managed to do some veeery nice sounds I can't wait to get to hear all the entries... (I'll wait for them all and listen them then)

From ksn on 08.12.2003, 15:49:


Original by Taika-Kim
I ... managed to do some veeery nice sounds

don't forget that we have a (yet really poor) presets section which needs more submissions

@ksniod on twitter

From Taika-Kim on 09.12.2003, 15:45:


I have thought about doing presets for Psycle Synths, but in many cases the more special sounds are a delicate coctail of just the right kind of effects... And there's not an option to save FX templates in Psycle, nor do I think it would be so useful afterall.

It's just a matter of time.. Creating unusual sounds takes time, and making even something like 16 patches that aren't very obvious, takes time on any synth.

But maybe we'll see that some day

From MfM on 09.12.2003, 15:53:


hi to all!!
i submit my song for this COMPO...[FLY]...
simple dance tune with all native,i've used 53 machines for this tune(13 generators and 40 fxs),hard work with [fx]for a good drum sounds.

bye #MfM#!!!


From Taika-Kim on 10.12.2003, 19:53:


Hmm, I'm almost running out of effects, I think I have maybe 5 or 6 slots free. AND besides, I'm, besides having a ton of schoolwork with the same deadline as the compo, totally stuck on where the tune should go...

But yeah, I finally proved that it's very possible to run out of FX slots It would help if the wires had a simple low-cut filter... I have really many filters just to cut out all the unnecessary bass in many sounds.

And, btw, does the EQ plugin do _anything_ on anybodys machine?? I have tried using it but get absolotely no results at all?

And there was some problem with envelopes with FMlab and I think some synth didn't play on channels greater than 16. Maybe Phantom? I don't remember.

From alk on 10.12.2003, 20:32:


hi taika, can you be specific about the problems? (like, steps to reproduce) then the devs can maybe fix the problems

From Taika-Kim on 11.12.2003, 14:35:


Yeah, I'll do it as soon as I remember to write them down on paper at home, where I still don't have an internet connection...

From Rhino on 14.12.2003, 14:57:


Alk, love your tune. Had to wav render it out on my cpu, though! What speed pc do you need to run it?

music back-catalogue at:

From ksn on 14.12.2003, 16:49:


runs fine here on a p4 2ghz

@ksniod on twitter

From 12AtÜ on 14.12.2003, 21:40:


...also on a Duron 1GHz

From alk on 15.12.2003, 13:42:


hello gang,

Thanks for the post Rhino, glad you like my entry! :-) My proc is an Athlon XP 2400+ (2 ghz). The song peaks at ~40% cpu usage. What proc have you?

Good turn out for his compo eh? Enough tunes to make an album!



From Taika-Kim on 15.12.2003, 17:45:


Aw, I'm gonna miss the deadline, but I'm happy that we got more submissions than ever for this compo!

Hmm, except to see my tune in a few days anyway :)

This is sure a good sign. Now let's just hope that next time we can break the 20 submissions limit ;)

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