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From georgTF on 16.10.2003, 23:20:


Hi all

My name's georg and i'm a noob on these forums so don't chop my head off if i missed a thread. I'm here to SPAM you guys with my compo for tracked music. Meaning no MP3s.

It's mainly a MPT compo but with VSTs(or without) allowed. A decent number of people have already signed-up and they don't seem to mind going head-to-head with Psycle and Skale songs. The question is: Is there enough interest among Psycle users for this compo?

This is my officiall greeting and invitation to the Sabotage Compo. It's yours to check out, dispute, and maybe even sign-up. All comments welcome.

Sabotage Competition

Discussion on Modplug Forums

my email and MSNN: karmapolice@inet.hr
ICQ: 176054846


From georgTF on 31.10.2003, 15:52:


Good news everybody! It is my great pleasure to announce that The Sabotage Compo is now offifficially open! With more than a dozen entries, 4 different trackers and more than 1 month left to create any kind of music imaginable, there's no way you'd want to miss it.

Go to:


and join. You still have a week to do so.


From georgTF on 08.11.2003, 00:27:


Time's up! No more entries are accepted. Not that it seems to matter much tho, as there was little interest. From Psycle users that is. MPT entries went through the roof with about 20 high quality songs expected before the compo ends.

Warm up your ears.


From Taika-Kim on 10.11.2003, 11:03:


Ow, how did I miss this? Hmm, I sure would have been interested... Mebbe next time then

From sampler on 11.11.2003, 10:50:


Could VST(i)s be used??

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From georgTF on 13.11.2003, 20:17:



sorry you guys missed the compo, esp. since it got together many people who never knew each other previously, but maybe there will be another one in the future.

And yes, VSTi are allowed. The only limit to the compo was originality and of course filesize (20Mb).

From georgTF on 23.12.2003, 20:57:



Just dropping a line to inform you that the compo is finished, and the results are online.

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