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From [JAZ] on 05.10.2003, 22:33:

  Psycle status, October 2003

Ok, here we go (long time since last lines in here..)

As most of you have noticed, Psycle has been quite idle these last months. The main developers were having other more important things to do and you know..

Well, here's the plan so far:

Psycle 1.7.5 (beta) :
To be released somewhere between november and december.

New features:

  1. Multitrack tracker style sequence ( just like now, but with more columns) This is a first attempt. A more sophisticated sequence should be made.
  2. A virtual pattern view ( F4 ) where you would see the sequence as a big single pattern. I'll try to put editing capabilities in this view.
  3. Some other changes due to this sequence and fixes here and there.

Next, Psycle 1.7.6 or 1.8 (stable) (depending on the acceptance of this 1.7.5 one and the new features added) will come, with fixes, refinements and maybe more features.

Release date depends on 1.7.5 and how the things go.

Finally, some words about PsyCore , the core library of what will be Psycle 2.0.
I am planning to use some open source libraries and sources that would speed up its developement, when at the same time, I'm starting it under Devcpp/mingw, a free C++ IDE editor with a GNU compiler (a thing that will make porting to linux much easier).
Probably i'll develop these two things at the same time, but I have learnt not to talk too much about future, since it is not written, you know..

I'll put more news next month to inform of the status of this all.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;D

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