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From DANCEnRg on 03.09.2003, 21:41:

  Which is your favourite skin?

Psycle has many cool skins,now we have a psycle compo3 for songs,I'd be interested which of the many skins psycledelics most use.

My personal favourite Skin is 'MrSkin' because it has a easy on the eye blend of colours,modern looking graphics and the pattern step view is nice and clear.

Though I frequently change skins for a different look some are good just too look at whislt the song is playing and some give psycle a clear visual look,the MrSkin Skin for me nicely has both these formentioned features.

Nice one Skinner !

Of coarse visually as with audio their are no real winners or losers in such a competition because it's only a measure of how your taste in art is alike others.But like anything apart from war,fighting and general chaos'it's the taking part and being part of a commuinal goal that counts.
Even if your out numbered with your commuinal goal that dosn't make it any less Important.Democracy is about the majority wins not the majority is allways right.

Look @ globel warming

Very very very wrong for us all but the majority will not change too protect their own planet untill fear of natural disaster makes it very evident thsi is not a game of russian roullete.

Pollution is the trigger for desease,death and decay and we continue too slowly but surely pull the trigger on our selfs.

Ok I've gone way off thread,but if you care that I'm not sticking too the topic surely you must care enough that the main topic of our generation is 'Save the earth' and we the young can be the heros or the villans.

Think clean and your own thangs to be green and you will be making the biggest difference of the direction our planet takes.

Natural Balance or a very uncertain chaotic climate where all life will have to adapt if too survive the waste product of our selfs... Self Destruction.


From Rik on 03.09.2003, 23:40:

My favourite skin is the one I got when I downloaded Psycle 1.7. That's the one with the grey background. Pretty boring right? Maybe I should try the others? In FL Studio I used a picture from my hard drive and I used a Gieger like skin in my audio mulch demo. Also I agree with you about the world. We're not on earth too long so we should enjoy it and make it good for future generations to enjoy and at the same time compose on Psycle!

From kermit the toad on 04.09.2003, 04:38:


I just use the default because I am boring.

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From pooplog on 04.09.2003, 04:57:


I still use sephid's shiny after all this time.


From FunTOM on 04.09.2003, 20:39:


I was using sephid's shiny for a long time and now I've got Psycle dressed in egotransplant 8bit skin.

FunTOM 8)
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From egotransplant on 08.09.2003, 04:32:


Hooray! Somebody liked my skin.

I've been really busy lately, but I'll try to get another one together soon. I'm thinking of something similar, maybe not quite as old-skool, but still with pixel style. I like pixels.

Maybe I should also make a song, since that is what Psycle is for...

From sampler on 08.09.2003, 17:46:


i'm using Red Dwarf i like it by its simplicity

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

From D-503 on 08.09.2003, 19:10:


Alk's Gem theme with no meters.. good for cpu :-) & it looks funky too.

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From Beer Incorperated on 08.09.2003, 21:54:


I use native's skin. I like it... a lot. Then again, haven't seen many except the original one and the one native made

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From js on 29.04.2005, 03:13:


My favourite skin is rhino-red dwarf

Synth1 and Psycle, what more could someone ask for ?

From outsider on 08.06.2005, 06:40:


Native Skin... also i like tinyboxes (it's only lack is a panning bar)
the new 'xtra small skin' by fiasco it's currently the one i'm using, i like it vert much, its turning to be my favorite

From DawnnaDukes on 20.06.2011, 10:04:


My favorite skin is Psycle 1.7. Looks cool..!!


From Rafdows on 28.06.2011, 20:11:


I use the Nintendo Skin, firstly it's nice and well adapted and when I was a kid, i've got the nes and I've played with a lot!!
I use the default skin sometime also...

From lebronadamas on 04.04.2012, 09:06:


I am using sephid's shiny and is the best according to me though I tried others also but they were not satisfactory....

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