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From corecid on 07.07.2003, 06:38:

  please help me with vsts

help me please,
can i use the same vst with different sounds or do i have to creat a new one
eg: fm7 :bass
and then create another fm7 for eg: leadsynth?
thank you

From MarkJ on 07.07.2003, 07:37:


Hi corecid,

assuming you mean vst-Instruments (VSTI), there are several possible answers to your question:

if you want to play different programs (patches, sounds) NOT at the same time (pattern 1: fm7 bass, then in pattern 2 you want to play the fm7 with a leadsynth sound), you just need to send a program change command via MIDI to your VSTI to switch between programs.

case 2:
if you want to play a VSTI with several sounds simultaneously, you may need to

a) either create the required number of VSTI instances in the VST Host app or

b) fake it by recording a pattern with one sound to wav and playing this wav in the sampler while using the VSTI for a second, third ... sound of the same instrument or

c) if a VSTI (or any externally connected and MIDI-controllable hardware instrument) supports keyboard splitting, you could set up the VSTI to play different sounds at different keyboard sections (either simultaneously or not), so you could e.g. play the bass sound on the keyboard from c1 to b2 and the leadsynth sound from c3 upwards).
The same would be true for layered sounds or for multitimbral instruments (see answer 2b for faking this, it's basically the same, just play the identical pattern instead of different ones...).
That depends on the possibilities of the VSTI, most freely available VSTIs (or cheaper hardware synths)don't support these features.

Actually I also don't know if these features can be controled via Psycle, I still haven't got very much into the implemented MIDI commands.
Maybe someone else can help out on this????

Greetings and happy Psycle-ing

From corecid on 07.07.2003, 07:42:


thank you maan,
i have an mk361c evolution midi controller
i hope this is all i need to use to controll the vsti

using one absynth machine and in different patterns different parameters from absynth

anymore info would be helpfull thank you

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