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 Psycle 1.12.1 beta available for testing  
 Posted by: [JAZ], 03.05.2015, 19:22 .
Psycle version 1.12.1 beta has been released.
This time, we've made available a zipped folder that can be run directly without installation, so it is good to test without changing your current setup.

It should be stable, but some changes haven't been tested extensively. It contains improvements to use samples and instruments with sampler and sampulse.
It also contains a new host for LADSPA effects (not fully tested yet) and improvements on the Lua Host that was added for 1.12.
It also fixes some bugs that were found since the release of 1.12.
See the whatsnew.txt file in the Docs dir for more information.

It can be downloaded from sourceforge at the location
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 Psycle 1.12.0 has been released  
 Posted by: [JAZ], 06.10.2014, 00:11 .
Version 1.12 of Psycle has finally reached release status.

This version is the result of the three 1.11 betas, with three main changes from version 1.10:
The finalization of the Sampulse machine and changes in the way sampled sounds are used, including the Virtual Generator feature (See the help manual for information), a new machine host based on Lua scripting (see the LuaScriptingManual and the included scripts for information), and finally, a new skin as well as new skin options for skin developers (pattern header with track names, and ability to skin the mixer and the master)

It can be downloaded from the files section at sourceforge:

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 Development is near for a new release  
 Posted by: [JAZ], 02.08.2014, 20:44 .
"Phew"! The virtual generators feature is finished and working!
I am finishing the modifications on usability and verifying that there isn't anything broken.

Summary of changes:
* Virtual generators (indexes from 81 to FE usable as "virtual generators". They appear in the generators combobox and can be used in the pattern.
* Sampler and Sampulse instruments have an option to assign them to a virtual generator index and sampler/sampulse machine that it will use to play.
* "aux" column is working properly as a volume column with virtual generators.
* The different modules load and use the virtual generators. It is important to know that some pattern rows do not use virtual generator indexes, because of "previous unknown" (data in the pattern without specifying which instrument it uses), or special meanings (see in the tweakings and commands documentation, the Sampulse command part to know more about this).
* note duplicator machines support virtual instruments (this might be useful now, think about multi-osci samples)
* Sampler machine implementation modified. Now it supports the mcm command correctly (needed for the volume column of virtual generators), and also added the portamento to note command.

There have also been some other changes related to how the keyboard handling is done, mostly to clean up the code and avoid duplicates. I still need to test all the cases to validate it's working as expected.

Finally, some of the bugs reported here have been fixed as well.

I will probably release 1.11.4 *alpha* tomorrow or so, in order to allow you to have a first look at it, before releasing 1.11.4 beta publicly in one or two weeks.

I will post some screenshots in google plus site.
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 Psycle 1.11.3 beta released  
 Posted by: [JAZ], 25.05.2014, 01:56 .
The third iteration of the 1.11/1.12 version is ready for download.

This one includes mostly usability improvements and improved sample format support, as well as several fixes to previous beta bugs.
It also adds a new skin feature to allow showing the pattern track names in a skinned form.
Take a look at the whatsnew.txt file for more information.

The 32bit and 64bit installers are available in the files section of sourceforge ( ).

This beta can be considered a release candidate.

Btw, don't forget to check the demo song! ( .psy available here: http:// )
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 Psycle 1.11.2, second beta ready  
 Posted by: [JAZ], 16.02.2014, 21:06 .
The next beta version of Psycle is ready. Psycle 1.11.2 can be found in Sourceforge in 32bit and 64bits. ( )

This new release contains bugfixes for several problems that existed in the first beta. Notoriously, several crashes and hangs, but also smaller ones.

Development is now focused in improving some corner cases of Sampulse and Lua, and update the help file in preparation for the release, which should happen in spring or summer.

As such, I encourage people to test it and to suggest changes and fixes that are needed, as well as to try the new features and ask for places of improvement.
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